Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gemini Horoscope for November 2010

By Susan Miller

In so many ways, November may bring your greatest moments in your career. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is now in his final hours of Pisces. Once you get to January 22, Jupiter will leave Pisces and your tenth house of fame, not to return until 2021, a decade from now. Jupiter is the planet that brings good fortune and even miracles, and in November, many of the planets will click into position to support Jupiter and allow him to do his best work for you.

Pay attention to the new offers that come up suddenly this month, for chances are, among them will be one that has amazingly large potential for prestige and money. Alternatively, if you are starting a new position or launching a new product or service - whatever it is - your chart says you have the Midas touch, dear Gemini. This is no normal month - you must take it seriously to see the rare potential that will be there for you for the taking.

December won't be as productive as November will be because your guardian planet, Mercury, will retrograde from December 10 to 30, and you will see the slowdowns as soon as December begins. That leaves you November and the first three weeks of January as your most productive times for career - nothing this big will come by anytime soon. This is why I would like you to work hard this month. You have so much going for you!

Let's start at the top of the month. On December 4, Mercury, your ruler, will be in perfect sync with Jupiter. This day would be great for any sort of negotiation or talk, and also for travel, public speaking, editing, and writing. Mercury rules your sign, so while everyone will find something to enjoy about this day, Gemini will be among those who enjoy it most and have the most exciting news to share.

The new moon in Scorpio will arrive next, on November 6, and be accompanied by an entourage of heavenly bodies: the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. The sixth house rules your health and daily work projects, so you may see some outstanding work-related opportunities arise. Remarkably, the Sun and new moon will beam encouraging signals to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and he will be within range to receive those signals. Wow!

This tells me that whatever project you are working on now will likely bring you acclaim and financial success, possibly immediately or certainly by early March. On the same day as the new moon, November 6, Mercury will receive a sudden, friendly call from Uranus, setting the stage for an unusual opportunity to come up when you least expect it. You may find yourself at precisely the right place at the right time. This is a good time for you, so keep marching forward, dear Gemini.

Remarkably, there will be other events that will work to give your career a boost. Neptune, the planet of inspiration and creativity, will move direct too, and this is significant because Neptune is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of career. All signs are pointing to the same conclusion. Something big in your career is about to burst open, and when it does it will be so good for you it could be downright life changing.

The same sixth house that will be energized by the new moon on November 6 rules health, specifically the active measures you take to stay healthy. With the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus all in the medical sign of Scorpio, and all in beautiful angle to Jupiter - the planet of healing - you would be wise to schedule your checkups for November, just after the new moon, November 6. You will have two weeks to take action to see impressive results.

Have your blood pressure, iron levels, and cholesterol checked, your eyes and teeth examined, and have other tests, too. Women should have a mammogram, possibly a bone scan to guard against osteoporosis, and men, prostate tests. Both genders should schedule a colonoscopy. It's year-end, and you may have paid for enough expenses during the year that your health care plan will say you've met your deductible and you will get some or all of your tests for free. Even if you don't, scheduling tests could be the best move you make this month. Remember, you will have Jupiter, the great healer, to help you if you need him.

If you have foot problems and pain, with Jupiter (healing) in Pisces (feet) with a new moon (opportunity) in your sixth house (health), you have a rare chance to find relief. You won't know how much relief you can get until you seek help. Remember too, Neptune rules the feet, so you have many reasons to be optimistic.

Let's go back to the subject of professional status and career leadership, which will be on the rise this month, thanks to the help of generous Jupiter and surprise-a-minute Uranus.

Venus and Jupiter are both currently retrograde as the month opens and both planets have dominion over money and profits. If you get the big offer that I am expecting you will, do not sign a contract or give your verbal approval yet, not under any circumstances, until you get to November 19.

You can sign at that time or start then, because the day prior, November 18, Jupiter and Venus will go direct. Yes, that is correct - to be clear, both planets will go direct on the same day. Venus started to retrograde on October 8, and Jupiter started to retrograde back on July 23, so you've been in a kind of limbo professionally and financially for a while. Once you get these two planets going direct, you will be in fine shape and you can sign papers or simply give a simple verbal "yes." If you jump the gun, the profit potential of the new project that you would be giving "birth" to this month will be capped forever at a lower level. I recommend you sign on November 19.

Not only will Venus and Jupiter be moving forward at swift speed by November 19, but also as mentioned earlier, so will Neptune, earlier on November 7. This is truly a remarkable month.

Publishing and broadcasting opportunities as well as interests overseas will become energized and possibly quite lucrative by Neptune's move forward on November 7. If you get an offer, you will enjoy working in these areas, for there will be lots of room to contribute creative ideas. Neptune rules your tenth house of career acclaim too, so having Neptune moving direct will act like a boost to all your efforts to get a better position in your industry or to garner support from higher ups. As you see, this will be an extraordinary month with three planets turning direct! You will start to see events move much more rapidly than you have in past months. Get your skateboard ready! You will be moving VERY fast as you get to month's end, as each week will find you picking up speed.

Another important date to keep your eye on will be November 15, a beautiful day, when the Sun and Jupiter will work hand in hand. You will communicate very well with higher ups on this day, so it's perfect for a big career meeting or interview. Remember, you will see your biggest developments later in the month, but you can plant seeds earlier and nurture them as they grow.

At the end of the same week as November 15, you have November 19, the date I have chosen for you to begin voicing your agreement to certain offers and to sign contracts and other papers. On November 19, the Sun and Uranus will be perfect sync, and Uranus will be in your house of fame. This month is so remarkable for you on so many levels. I would not be surprised if you got some amazing publicity, too. Ironically, the full moon will fall very near the date I want you begin your actions, November 19.

The full moon will fall on November 21. This full moon will also be ultra-friendly and appear in Taurus, sending an exact beam to Jupiter and Uranus (in an even closer degree than the new moon). Things are certainly going in the right direction for you, dear Gemini, and with a sense of enormous urgency. It looks like 1) you CAN delay signing any contract or giving word until November 19 or a day or two later without losing out on any of the goodies the universe has for you, and 2) that talks will actually go better and better as you get deeper into the month.

This full moon will be within a little over one-half degree of Gemini, falling technically in Taurus at 29 degrees 18 minutes. That means this will affect and benefit you in an out-of-sign conjunction to your Sun. Something dearly important to you is about to reach fruition. This will be doubly true if you were born near May 20, or if you have planets or your ascendant in very early degrees of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, all air signs.

This is a long way of saying that this could be a VERY gratifying full moon for you, no matter when your birthday happens to fall in the sign. I am very enthusiastic about the news you will get this month, and I don't think you see any of it coming! The only way you will know is to wait and see. Remember, all full moons have an area of influence of plus or minus four days. You will be VERY busy, so try to conserve your strength - you will be running yourself down and in need of rest.

Mars is now in your seventh house of partnerships, an indication that you will need to collaborate with a partner or agent to see the full flowering of your success. You may have a number of critics or detractors around you too while Mars tours Sagittarius, but honestly I don't feel they stand a chance of laying a finger on you.

I suppose Mars in Sagittarius could have a different effect, in a more romantic sense. If you are attached, you may find that your romantic partner may voice grievances, probably because you are in such a vital career phase. Your success may make your partner feel deficient because it will be apparent how well you will be doing now. You'll soon be a brilliant meteor streaking across the sky, and your partner may fear you won't need him or her anymore now that you have become so self-sufficient. Do what you can to quell your partner's fears.

The upside of Mars in Sagittarius is that if you have been dating a long time, you may feel ready now to wed, and you may want to make plans to set the date. Do nothing until Venus goes direct! The last thing you want to do is get engaged or married when Venus is withholding her best, most loving energies prior to November 18.

Your business partners will be demanding too, true, and competitors will be at their most aggressive, but you can beat the competitors and set partners straight on what you can and can't do - and keep your nerves in the process. You are sitting pretty now, so use your advantages.

You may be shopping for holiday gifts this month, and if so, congratulations! You are doing so at the perfect time of year. You will find stock low next month, for in December, Mercury will be retrograde. If you buy electronics while Mercury is out of phase, you will not enjoy your purchase, and if it is a gift, your recipient will probably want to return it for something else. Shop in November, not December, please!

Two days to stay FAR away from the stores will be November 26 and 27, when Mercury will have a row with Uranus. Mercury rules commerce, so this does not bode well for shopping. This is ironic because November 26 is "Black Friday" and November 27 is "Black Saturday" - popular days for shopping. No matter how great the sales look, they won't be attractive if the product is not what your recipient wants. Shop sooner, not later!

Romance will take a back seat to your work, as you may have guessed it might as you read this month's report. You may be scrambling to keep up with deadlines, so even if Cinderella's prince called you on his cell phone from his glass coach led by eight white horses to confirm your date together that night, you'd say, "So sorry - have to re-schedule." (Guy readers, the same type of situation applies for you. You get the idea.)

Actually, the only way I see you meeting someone new is if you are thrown together by a work project and are working 'round the clock, ordering pizzas at 1:00 AM, and pushing against crazy deadlines. Under those conditions, well, the propinquity of two people can create intense emotions, especially if you admire that person's work. See how things work out for you because there really is some evidence you could fall hard for a fellow teammate under those conditions. Hopefully, when the urgency of the project is over, you will still enjoy one another's company just as much.

Remember, all love goes better AFTER Venus, planet of love, goes direct on November 18. Venus happens to be the natural ruler of your solar fifth house of true love, so it does occupy a key place in your chart.

There are other considerations when it comes to love. Saturn's presence in your romance sector is currently presenting you with a few obstacles to teach you the need to be discerning and practical in all matters involving dating and relationships. Rushing a relationship forward will not please Saturn, so keep a new relationship on a slow and steady simmer to allow it to stabilize.

Your happiness will also depend on your ability to sort fact from fiction. If your present partner is interested and truly available, you can find ways to meet challenges and resolve them and also find ways to accommodate each other's work schedule. This is an exciting time for you, dear Gemini - keep your eyes on the road straight ahead and your hands on the steering wheel. Love will come, and for now, love can wait.

Romance will be best: November 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 21.


November will give your career a big boost, for Jupiter (good luck) and Uranus (surprise) are perfectly positioned at the very top of your chart to bring attention and acclaim to your accomplishments. In November - one of the most benefic months of 2010 - a project will likely be presented to you that will allow you to show off a full array of your talents. By the time this month is out, VIPs' expectations of you will have risen considerably and that's good, for you will make their short list of stars to groom for the top.

Once the new moon in Scorpio appears, November 6, new projects will come up, and when they do, take those offers seriously. (Earlier, on November 4 or 5, when your ruler, Mercury, contacts Jupiter, you may get a hint of what's to come.). No matter what the project, trust that it will become a key to your future progress. Give your work your all, for by the start of 2011, or at the latest, at the start of March, your hard work will begin to pay off.

Specifically, by March you will likely be invited to interview for a responsible position that has prestige, power, and an impressive title. If you are self-employed, have faith that all you are doing in November will lead you through the right doors, assuming you've worked hard and smart. All you've done prior to March (including this month's assignments) will, in time, add up to something big.

Jupiter and Neptune have been retrograde for months, so you will enjoy seeing your qualifications recognized and praised on November 7, when Neptune moves forward, and November 18, when Jupiter moves forward. Either or both could become quite a special time, when you will find that you are at the right place at the right time for some sort of sensational career breakthrough.

In matters of health, your efforts to get fit and strong should bring you to a new level just after the new moon, November 6. If you have not been active, no matter - you can begin at that time. All sorts of health matters will show benefits. Before these vibrations fade, make appointments with your doctor to have a variety of checkups, exams, and procedures, and perhaps also a flu shot if desired. Check eyes, teeth, blood chemistry, and if you are female, schedule a mammogram and other tests. You will be glad you took the time to get advice to ascertain that you'd feel your best.

Mars is now circulating in your partnership sector, so your mode of operation, in both love and business, will be collaborative. You won't be able to get everything the way you want it to be, in purest form, so that means some compromise will be in order. Still, you may be fine with that, for your partner or collaborator will advance things, possibly with creative ideas, and will give you an equal say in matters.

Plan to get extra rest as you move later into the month. The full moon on November 21 could be somewhat draining, even though it will bring more good news about your career. If you were born on or near May 21, you will hear about a matter of enormous importance to you - it could pertain to career, and if so, the news will likely be sensational. You'll be surprised by this - and make it all the more delicious.

There will be two days, November 26 and 27, to stay out of the line of fire. That's traditionally the days to do holiday shopping but with Mercury (commerce) in hard angle to Uranus (unexpected developments) shopping could prove to be a disaster. In this case on these days, not spending will be the best bargain of all.

Dates to Note for Gemini

Jupiter is orbiting close to Uranus in your fame and achievement sector for the coming months - when good news comes it will hit like lightning! Your reputation is due to skyrocket - everyone will be talking about you by March.

Once the November 6 new moon arrives, plum assignments will come your way. Investigate them! Something you do now will affect your status by March.

On November 7, Neptune turns direct after having been retrograde since May 31, and that's slowed your career progress. The whole pace will pick up now, so watch the two days surrounding November 7.

Overseas contacts and arrangements will start to become lucrative too this month. Watch for broadcasting and print opportunities as well, whether as writer / producer / editor (part of staff) or guest / subject of a flattering story.

Your efforts to get fit may not have shown a breakthrough lately, but keep the faith. After November 6, your efforts will pay off.

You may be working on a contractual arrangement with a business partner, or you may be getting engaged or married soon. Already married? Your partner is leading the relationship now.

Saturn in Libra is making you either shy of romance or super-practical. Go slowly in all matters of love to please Saturn.

Venus rules your fifth house of love, so things won't go well in matters of romance until Venus goes direct on and after November 18.

Near the full moon, you may be tired. Rest near November 21.

Shopping to be a disaster on Black Friday, November 26, and Black Saturday, November 27. Keep money, credit cards at home!

Romance will be best: November 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 21.