Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Web 2.0. and Teaching..

Hi everyone,

I had no idea about web 2.0 and its importance in education until I attended an online course 'Learning Technologies In The Classroom' held by British Council,Turkey. This course made me see that traditional education in the classroom is no longer the one and only way to reach our students. My first action about Web 2.0 was to start this blog. Although it started as an ELT blog,it turned out to be a personal blog as well.. You may ask me why I did not seperate the personal and the proffesional blogs and my answer is clear; I can not seperate these two issues in my life.. I mean,I am the same Burcu in the classroom and I am still a teacher and I keep on working at home. Teaching and 'learning' for teaching is all I do both at home and at school..

My second action about Web 2.0 was a page in Facebook. As I kept adding my students as friends,I realised that they spent their time with useless videos and applications. So with the help of my dear collegue Filiz Ayşe Youzofewich, we created a FB page in order to keep our students continue learning English with enjoyable video posts. Although it has only been three weeks,the results are unbelievable.. Currently we have 163 followers, 43.657 page views and 1768 post feedback. The students also use the page's wall so effectively; they ask and answer eachother's questions. By this way, English learning process continues at home as we planned..Fun2LearnEnglish

I can only say that I am no longer the same old ESL teacher who writes grammar exercises on the board.. Teaching and learning has no limits for me now, with the help of web 2.0 technology..