Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today the music in Turkey lays on a fairly large spectrum, from traditional to pop, from soufi to modern jazz, from countryside folk to arab influenced, so called "arabesque" and so on.  This means that a music claiming to represent the musical climate of the whole country will be pretending more than it is. Instead, it is possible to talk about "the Classical Turkish Music", "the Turkish Pop Music", "the Turkish Jazz", "the Turkish Soufi Music", etc.

Incesaz stands on the modern territories of the musical spectrum of Turkey, however, they take root from the Classical Turkish Music. This is a new and fresh concept extending the existing musical cathegories and bringing an extra shelf to the music markets.

 Incesaz' music has the full taste of the classical .The "makam" (the mode) and the melodic texture, the instruments chosen and the style they are played, traditional rhythmic patterns and the way they are elaborated make this music standing on historically reliable, strong resources.

 On the other hand, Incesaz' music sounds very modern compared to the classical. This music is polyphonic (the Classical Turkish Music is monophonic) and has orchestral arrangment (the classical is not), brings together the traditional Turkish instruments with universal instruments like guitar, bass, piano, accordeon and violoncello and has an overall contemporary sound.

This new approach earned unprecedented praise from the industry and the critics.  It is even suggested that Incesaz should be taken as the creator of a new Turkish music format.