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What Sons Learn from Their Mothers

Boys learn their earliest lessons about love and trust from their mothers. According to William Pollack, Ph.D., "Far from making boys weaker, the love of a mother can and does actually make boys stronger, emotionally and psychologically. Far from making boys dependent, the base of safety a loving mother can create—a connection that her son can rely on all his life—provides a boy with the courage to explore the outside world. But most important, far from making a boy act in 'girl-like' ways, a loving mother actually plays an integral role in helping a boy develop his masculinity."

The Importance of Loving Refuge

In the early years of a little boy's life, he is torn between two choices: He longs to explore, climb, jump, and run, and he needs to stay close to the adults who allow him to feel secure. In fact, when boys begin to walk and exercise some autonomy, their activity mirrors this dual need. They wander away from Mom (into the backyard, across the playground, or to the neighbor's house) and then return for a quick conversation or a hug, just to be sure she's there.


Some mothers, absorbing cultural messages about "real masculinity," believe that they should push their sons away emotionally, often as early as the age of two or three. Your son needs connection with you all the way through adolescence. Be sensitive about invading privacy, but separating yourself from your son will do him more harm than good.

Your son will learn self-respect and confidence when you provide a loving and secure home base for him. When you can create a sense of belonging and significance for your boy, teach him life and character skills, and practice kind, firm discipline, he learns to trust, to face challenges, and to move freely into his world. When you take time to listen to him and to focus on solutions to the problems he faces, you teach him emotional awareness and good judgment. A strong and loving relationship with a good mother can help a boy learn the skills of intimacy, support him in developing respect for other women, and prepare him for a satisfying relationship someday.

Knowing When to Let Go

Even the wisest mother can find it hard to let go in appropriate ways when her son begins to exercise his independence. Your son's desire to do things for himself, from dressing himself to reading his own bedtime story to dating, can feel like a personal rejection. One of the paradoxes of parenting is that if you do your job as a mother well, your son will eventually leave you.

As your son grows, you will learn to find the balance between offering support and stepping back to let him learn from his own experiences-and his own mistakes. Clinging too tightly can create unnecessary power struggles, especially during adolescence (a rather bumpy period for even the closest mothers and sons). Teach skills and listen well and often; then have faith in your son and let go.

Agate.. My precious stone..

Agate and Citrine are  the stones that I have strong connections with.. I feel wonderful when I wear my agate and citrine jewelry.. What is your stone that make you feel that way?

Agate is a stone of relaxation, calm, cleaning, balance, meditativeness, vitality, grounding, pain relief, and balancing Yin and Yang energies. It stimulates analytical abilities, awakes hidden latent talents, strengthens the sight, helps with stress, and stabilizes the aura.

Agate balances the subtle energies. It is said that agates help in protection, especially with small children. It supplies courage and increases the creativity of students and artists. The boost of energy from this stone always comes in waves; therefore it can help whenever it is necessary to overcome a certain situation.

Agate aids people with problems related to forgiveness and in all cases where releasing of bitterness and despair is needed. This in turn improves the love relations, relations to other people in general, and within the family. You can carry agate with you if you feel repressed, under pressure, restrained and limited in your current duties. In ancient times the forces of the four elements were regarded as very powerful subjects of the Universe (which they still are), and in this regard agate is a stone for the earth element. If you have forthcoming battles in sight that have to do with your family or business affairs where you need extra strength and courage (in order to be honest above all with yourself) and determination to endure on your path, agate is the right stone for you.
Agates increase physical speed, in running, marathon, and athletics. It has a positive effect on the lungs, blood vessels, lymphatic system, digestion, and anorexia.

Good News For Geminis in November!

During the first couple of weeks, you have some challenges at work, but during the second half of the month, things start going much better. You also have some lovely romantic and playful energy for you and a lover or best friend to enjoy together. Cultural, political, and religious activities could be fun and enlightening.

From May 11th through January 31st 2011, Jupiter and Uranus are traveling partners. They are in your tenth house of professional goals and aspirations, leadership, civic duty, integrity, public reputation, fame, recognition, and climbing the Ladder of Success. They are working hard to promote these topics and to bring more brotherhood, genius, teamwork, friendships, and social networking into these areas of your life. It is an optimistic, youthful, and sometimes rebellious energy.
From October 29th through November 4th, Venus turns around and heads back to that spot where she is able to work with Pluto to bring more trust and profits into your professional life. Again, these are the two planets in charge of all forms of seduction and wealth. Therefore, this is a sexy and profitable energy connecting your profit sharing sector and your daily work sector. It is a good time to let go of old emotional hang-ups and to work on financial goals.
From November 2nd through the 8th, Mercury in your daily work sector is connecting with Jupiter and Uranus in your professional goals and aspirations, leadership, public reputation, and climbing the Ladder of Success sector. Together, they can brainstorm clever new ways to achieve your professional goals. Teamwork, technology, social networking, and inspiration help you get more accomplished too.
From November 4th through the 7th, Mercury is clashing with Neptune. Mercury is in your daily work sector and Neptune is in your long-distance travel, languages, cultures, religions, politics, laws, universities, mass media, and global awareness sector. With these two areas clashing, you could once again be dealing with coworkers’ bigotry, business travel, ineffective training classes, mandates from the legal department, or language barriers causing problems for you and your coworkers. Also, since Neptune rules over secrets and Mercury rules over sharing information, you could find that a secret is revealed that negatively affects your coworkers, productivity levels, your ability to accomplish your professional goals, or your ability to find work. You might be tricked into thinking that relocating to another city would make for a better employment situation, but it probably won’t. All is not as it seems.
November 6th hosts a new moon in your daily work, coworkers, to-do lists, chores, productivity levels, physical health, and feeling useful sector.

You may be making changes in your job/profession, in your relationships with colleagues and co-workers, health and diet. There may be some mental strain, or perhaps financial difficulties, particularly relating to held-up payments that are still pending, salaries, servants, health and employee benefits or perhaps a bad debt and/or a check.Willingness to help and serve will pay dividends, both materially and in terms of a "feel-good" factor. Don't expect gratitude and appreciation — just go ahead and do whatever needs to be done. This phase presents an opportunity to get rid of what doesn't work in your life, while also discovering what does. You could seek distinction and strive towards perfection in your work. Efficiency should be your goal now.

This is an animated period to love and be loved! You are especially fascinated to visual forms of amusement and activities. Creative self-expression of any kind is favored at this time. You feel a little more playful now, and love matters tend to be exaggerated with a shade of excitement. That shouldn't be a problem, as you kind of like it that way for the time being. Yet, you are not aggressive in your approach to love. Instead, you attract more if you allow yourself to be pursued this month.
Relationships are bubbly and vibrant. Partnerships may go through ego conflicts, or adversaries may be demanding. Try to work cooperatively on relationship problems, as that’s the need of the hour. When a difference arises, you are quick to resolve it, and have little tolerance for minor issues. You may become very critical of your partners/relationships, enough to stir antagonism rather than the forming of a harmonious association and the two of you could become immediate enemies. Try to accept the differences that you see between your ideal and the reality.
You are tending to be really clear-cut, straight and to the point in all of your interactions. You now do exactly what you think, and in fact are inclined to be aggressive, pushy, or perhaps sarcastic. Your mind is very active now, so this is a good time to streamline your efforts into intellectual or mental work like planning, programming and may be driving speedy vehicles.


SINGING is my talent that I'm fond of..
Designing jewelry is one of my hobbies..



                                                                                                                                                                                               What is a soul? It's like electricity - we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room.
 --Ray Charles

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The Drama of An Irish Family

Currently Reading...

Angela's Ashes-Frank McCourt... Just when you think it can't get worse..It does..

"Angela's Ashes is riveting for the sheer horror of escalating human tragedy. Just rented the movie and listened to my 11-year-old son repeat over and over, �just when you think it can't get any does�. The book is far more graphic and not at all for the faint of heart. Malachy Sr., who loves his children desperately, is incredible in his alcoholism but even more incredible in his confused indifference to the suffering of his family. Angela is simultaneously pathetic and heroic possessing all the destructive sarcasm of her pretentiously proud mother and sister with an ability to do what is necessary to ensure her survival along with 4 of her 7 children. Denial kills 3 children and a marriage, while the want of the most basic human contact turns a mother to incest. Miraculously, Frank survives and even thrives, driven by the things that his father did not possess, common sense, the gratification of a hard days work, sobriety, and I would argue literary genius."
James P. Crowley, Resident Scholar

I think....

Let it be..

The Beatles  Let It Be 
Yükleyen manon42. -

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Baked Cheese Penne

1 package Penne ~1lb

3 eggs

1 cup ricotta/ feta cheese

1 cup mozzarella, shredded

1 cup milk

½ tsp black pepper

½ tsp thyme

½ tsp crushed red pepper (optional)

½ cup fresh parsley, finely chopped (optional)

1 tsp salt to taste

Cook Penne in salty water according to the instructions on the package (for about 8-10 minutes). Wash under cold water and drain.

Beat eggs in a large bowl. Leave ½ cup of shredded mozzarella for top and mix the rest of the ingredients with the eggs. Gently stir this mixture in cooked Penne. Take it over a greased Pyrex or oven tray. Sprinkle with the remaining shredded mozzarella. Preheat the oven to 400 F (200 C) and bake for about 30-40 minutes or until it turns lightly brown.

Serve hot/warm.


Take a walk

Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.
 --Ralph Waldo Emerson


All About Me-DAY 18

We have been married for almost twelve years.. I would love a seaside themed future wedding if I had a chance... With the same groom of course! :)


time to hop!

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All About Me-DAY 17 A Piece of Art

''The Picture of Happiness'' by our famous artist Abidin Dino

Sunday at a glance..

Our park where we make barbeques..

Little Ones..

A view from the park..

70 Best Loved Words...

Mother's the word

Think about the word mother: does it make you burst into a fantastic smile as you think of the woman you will love with a passion for all eternity, she who guides your destiny towards freedom, liberty and perhaps tranquility?

If your answer is yes, you will have embraced your mum and the 10 English words that came top in a survey of favourites conducted by the British Council.
You may, on the other hand, reply: "Oi! I am flabbergasted that such a loquacious, hilarious and far from gorgeous explosion of nouns and adjectives should have been plucked from serendipity under the umbrella of so cosmopolitan and sophisticated an organisation." In which case, you will have clocked up 10 more words from the list of 70 gathered to mark the council's 70th birthday. You can use up eight more by pulling on your flip-flop, reaching for your coconut and riding with a giggle over the rainbow on your cute kangaroo to your hen night before you turn into a pumpkin.
The wordlist, which contains only one verb (cherish) which is not also a noun, emerged after the council asked more than 7,000 learners in 46 countries what they considered the most beautiful words in English language. Some 35,000 other people registered their favourites in an online poll run in the non-English speaking countries where the council operates.
"It's interesting that mother, the only word of the 70 that describes a direct relationship between people, came top of the poll," said Greg Selby, the council's communications and marketing officer, who managed the project.
The magnificent 70
1 Mother

2 Passion

3 Smile

4 Love

5 Eternity

6 Fantastic

7 Destiny

8 Freedom

9 Liberty

10 Tranquillity

11 Peace

12 Blossom

13 Sunshine

14 Sweetheart

15 Gorgeous

16 Cherish

17 Enthusiasm

18 Hope

19 Grace

20 Rainbow

21 Blue

22 Sunflower

23 Twinkle

24 Serendipity

25 Bliss

26 Lullaby

27 Sophisticated

28 Renaissance

29 Cute

30 Cosy

31 Butterfly

32 Galaxy

33 Hilarious

34 Moment

35 Extravaganza

36 Aqua

37 Sentiment

38 Cosmopolitan

39 Bubble

40 Pumpkin

41 Banana

42 Lollipop

43 If

44 Bumblebee

45 Giggle

46 Paradox

47 Delicacy

48 Peekaboo

49 Umbrella

50 Kangaroo

51 Flabbergasted

52 Hippopotamus

53 Gothic

54 Coconut

55 Smashing

56 Whoops

57 Tickle

58 Loquacious

59 Flip-flop

60 Smithereens

61 Oi

62 Gazebo

63 Hiccup

64 Hodgepodge

65 Shipshape

66 Explosion

67 Fuselage

68 Zing

69 Gum

70 Hen night

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Could You Live a Year Without Money?

How I wish I could..

Mark Boyle experimented with money-free living for a year and now, hooked on the idea, he's starting a money-free community.

By choice, Mark Boyle basically doesn't have a cent—or, more accurately, a pence—to his name. Boyle lives in rural England in a trailer he spotted on He feeds himself by growing everything from barley to potatoes, foraging wild edibles like berries and nettles, and occasionally dumpster-diving for luxuries like margarine and bread. He cooks with a wood stove fashioned from large restaurant olive cans; brushes his teeth with his own mixture of cuttlefish bones and fennel seed; and makes paper and ink from mushrooms. He barters labor for rent, Internet service, and whatever else he can't find, grow, or make.

This experiment in currency-free living started in 2008 after Boyle, an Irishman who worked in the organic food industry, saw Gandhi and was inspired by the Indian nationalist's legendary asceticism. Boyle's experience became the basis for his book, Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living, which has just been released in the states. By the end of his year without dough, he'd decided that the life he'd gained by shedding currency was worth continuing.


The hottest ever! (c:)

Always the same..

To whom were they sent?

Istanbul,Tophane in ancient times


oh,my hometown Izmir in 1880's

Izmir again in 1890's

postcard of a mosaic in Hatay

a postcard of a mosaic in Hatay

All About Me in 30 Days/ Day 16 A song that makes me cry...

All About Me in 30 Days/ Day 15 My dream home...

A typical Aegean Home in Alacati,Cesme,Turkey..

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All About ME in 30 Days- Day 14 A non-fictional book

A portrait of a Turkish Family

Portrait of a Turkish Family by

Irfan Orga

Irfan Orga's Portrait of a Turkish Family (1950) is the intimate account of the unravelling of a bourgeois family living in a mansion on Istanbul's Marmara shore amidst the trauma of World War I and the Ottoman Empire's dissolution. The early chapters detail the rich procession of ceremonies - trips to the hamam, circumcisions, summering in Sarıyer at the north end of the Bosphorus - that marked the stages of early twentieth-century Ottoman life. But with the coming of the war the Orga family fortunes, like those of the country as a whole, go into freefall and Orga describes in harrowing detail the crushing poverty that besets them. For Turkey, World War I was the loss of an empire but the making of a nation. It is a story steeped in melancholy, "an autobiography of tears and goodbyes," but indispensable for a ground's eye view of life in the years surrounding Turkey's rebirth.

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Reflections from the school...

Answer of this week's 2 questions...


Here are Blessing Reflection's Thursday Two Questions:

1) Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging - when & how?

ANSWER: I started blogging as an assignment in my ''Learning Technologies in the Classroom'' online teachers' course,last June.. But as soon as I get into this bloghosphere,blogging has been a way to express myself..

2) Do you ever wonder if you're disclosing too many personal details, if yes how does that make you feel?

ANSWER: I don't think I'm disclosing too many personal details..

Eva Cassidy.. Somewhere over the rainbow

Eva Cassidy - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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