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Gemini weekly astrology 02 July 2012 with Michele Knight

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On holiday,where I have been..Kaz Dağı (Mount IDA)

Mount Ida is lightly populated upland massif of about 700 km² located to the north of Edremit. A number of small villages in the region are connected by paths. Drainage is mainly to the south, into the Gulf of Edremit, also known as Edremit Bay, where the coast is rugged and is known as "the Olive Riviera.". However, the Karamenderes River (the ancient Scamander) flows from the other side of Mount Ida to the west. Its valley under Kaz Dağları has been called "the Vale of Troy" by English speakers. Currently a modest 2.4 km² of Mount Ida are protected by Kaz Dağı National Park, created in 1993. The summit is windswept and bare with a relatively low tree line due to exposure, but the slopes of this mountain, at the edge of mild Mediterranean and colder central Anatolian climate zones, hold a wealth of endemic flora, marooned here after the Ice Age. The climate at lower altitudes has become increasingly hot and dry in the deforested landscape. The dry period lasts from May to October. Rainfall averages between 631 and 733 mm per year. The mean annual temperature is 15.7 degrees Celsius, with diurnal temperatures as high as 43.7 degrees Celsius in Edremit. The forests on the upper slopes consist mainly of Turkish Fir (Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani; considered by some botanists to be a distinct species Abies equi-trojani). Best Place to stay :)

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Wacky Turkish Postcards- Strange hands

Chosen for its awkward pose of the hands, the mild ambiguity of genders and the cheesy rose. You would think hand-models would, at least, have had a manicure. Maybe the hands on the left belong to a woman that has washed a lot of clothes manually, picked cotton and slapped a lot of donkey behinds. Still, the sentiments are true enough- that beauty is most beautiful when shared.


A Nomadic View: Banu Alkan - Afrodit

A Nomadic View: Banu Alkan - Afrodit: One of fixtures of Sunday morning celebrity gossip shows, Banu Alkan, like so many Turkish stars, sometimes seems to have been around fore...

The Magic of Social Networking

Blocked? Stuck? Uninspired? Unsure of your next move? Whether you’ve hit a wall on your soul path, with a creative project or business idea the solution to your problem could be a mouse-click away. Could Twitter be a magical tool? Could Facebook be a mystical portal to your destiny?
New research conducted by the University of Reading in the UK as well as Northwestern University, Illinois has discovered that far from making people more insular, when it comes to finding creative solutions to problems and inspiring us to think in new ways, social networking sites can offer resources we would not otherwise have access to.
When it comes to the creative process – or tapping into inspiration, researchers have long known that it is your social network that can often provide the answer to difficult problems. When we look back in history, some of the world’s greatest thinkers and artists drew their inspiration in part from their extended social circle. Very often, these circles were comprised not only of people thinking along the same lines – as with artistic movements such as the pre-Raphaelites and impressionists for example, but also contained people working in other fields who could provide inspiration. For example, Charles Darwin hung out with geologist Charles Lyell and Charles Babbage, the father of the computer. Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith. He invented the printing press via his connections to wine makers which enabled him to see how he could use the screw press used for grapes, for printing. The social circles in which these artists and scientists moved seemed to foster free-flowing ideas which generated ‘lightning strikes’ of inspiration.

According to the research, the key to using social networks effectively is to come up with the right mix of people you know and who are interested in the subjects you are, and people in totally unrelated areas. From this mix comes what the researchers refer to as a “small world” network – one that exists across a surprising range of systems from scientific and artistic collaboration, power grids, worms’ brains, and even memory itself, and which allows information to travel quickly between any two unconnected people by way of a very short degree of separation.
Paul Wiseman in his seminal study on luck discovered that people who had experienced what others would consider ‘lucky’ breaks often received these apparently amazing strikes of luck via their extended network and often from someone who was not at first glance connected with their area of endeavour. He concluded that one attribute all ‘lucky’ people shared was a network comprised of many people from numerous walks of life.
Whatever it is we want to achieve, we usually can’t do it alone. Achievement and inspiration is fuelled by connection and communication. So what are you waiting for? Reach out!
Whatever it is you’re looking to do, tell people about it and let them tell you what they are trying to achieve. Like Johannes Gutenberg – you never know who will provide you with your inspiration! Quantum creating tells us we are all part of the whole and each of us can help not only ourselves but each other evolve and live our dreams. michele knight

Gemini astrology weekly 18 June 2012 with Michele Knight

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A sunny day in downtown



jewelry.. :)

Enjoying my new book.. :)

“Woman is to be loved, not to be understood” Osho

‘The Book of Woman’ describes what it means to be a woman and explores the feminine aspect of human beings. Osho has touched the female consciousness on various levels like marriage, love, motherhood, creativity, the body and mind. He believes that by imitating a man, woman has become a second-rate man and has lost her sensitivity, softness and grace. ‘Women are just trying to be like men. If men smoke cigarettes, the woman has to smoke. If they wear pants, the woman has to wear pants. If they do a certain thing, the woman has to do that. She is just becoming a second-rate man’
About love and lovers, the book reveals that a great lover is always ready to love and each heart is a valley where the love resounds like an echo. He says that lovers don’t deceive each other, they are saying the truth but that truth belongs to the moment.
Questioning the concept of marriage, he says it is the ‘ugliest institution invented by man’. He termed it as legalized form of prostitution as its aim is to monopolize a woman. He is equally against the institution of family ‘The family doesnot help the child to inquire, it gives beliefs and beliefs are poison. Once the child is burdened with beliefs, his inquiry is crippled, paralyzed and his wings are cut. That is why there are so less Buddhas in this world’
Motherhood; Osho describes as a great responsibility and a great art; which needs to be learnt. Osho requests all mothers to be joyous, listen to music and meditate. Be very soft and don’t do anything hectic. Just go slowly, because a guest is arriving, and they have the responsibility to welcome him/her cheerfully and carefully.
Also, he has raised some very significant points about the Feministmovements. He has termed these liberation movements as a subtle conspiracy of man against woman to make her independent. As per his view, the male mind is very cunning and is succeeding. Now man wants to get rid of women. He wants no responsibility. Moreover he says that feminism has turned women into wolves and has taught them how to fight which is not there job. Man has put woman on high pedestal. It was his trick to control her. ‘Liberation movements have done nothing because it is in the hands of very stupid women’
In order to find her true potential, he says, a woman should search within her own soul and rebel against any repression. ‘The women needs revolt, not acceptance’. This book is a must read for all the feminists out there.

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reflections from home..

from the balcony,evening


and night..
candle delight..

twitter,facebook,skype and youtube in 50's !? :)

Do you really love yourself? Take the quiz and find out!

Take this quiz and find out!
You’re absolutely exhausted and looking forward to an evening in your PJs with a box set of DVDs when someone calls with gossip you don’t want to hear about someone you don’t know that well.  Do you
a) Write off your downtime, put the DVDs to one side and give them your best attention.
b) Say, ‘Would it be okay to talk about this tomorrow?’  and then when you’re rested, gently explain that you’d rather not hear any gossip.
c) Say, ‘I’m really tired and actually I don’t care.  You need to get a life instead of going around trashing people.’
A friend who’s borrowed money before and never returned it asks to borrow the deposit for a holiday.  You’ve just about got enough to get to your next pay cheque.  Do you
a) Lend it to them and pray they repay you on time.
b) Say, ‘I’d love to help you out but I don’t have any to spare right now.  Actually, I was kind of hoping you’d be able to pay me the money you borrowed before…’
c) Say, ‘Are you for real?  You didn’t pay me back last time and now you want to borrow more? For a holiday?  You need to get yourself together.’
You’re going through a dating dry spell and someone with ‘trouble’ tattooed on their forehead asks you out.  Do you
a) Accept in case that’s the last offer you’ll ever get because you can’t bear the idea of ending up alone.
b) Tell them how flattered you are but say a graceful no.
c) Look them up and down slowly, snort and say ‘You are joking, aren’t you?  Me go out with you?’
A colleague is burning the candle at both ends and expects you to pull their weight at work.  Do you
a) Take on their tasks and hope someone steps in to rescue you before you buckle.
b) Suggest a chat where you help them work out how they can balance their personal life with work.
c) Storm off, march in and demand that your boss does something.
You comfort eat under pressure.  After a bad day at work, a chocolate cake brought back by someone you share your home with is screaming your name.  Do you
a) Eat the lot and buy them two to make up for it.  And then eat them too.
b) Run yourself a hot bath, chuck rose petals in it, light some candles and don’t come out until you’re human again.
c) Eat the cake and accuse your flatmate of trying to sabotage you.
You drop a plate and break it.  Do you
a) Berate yourself for being clumsy, stupid, useless….
b) Clear it up and buy a new one.
c) Immediately try and think whose fault it could be.

Mostly A
When push comes to shove, you tend to sacrifice your own needs for others.  This is where understanding what loving yourself really means comes in.  It’s not about thinking that you are the bees knees or more important than anyone else.  It’s about acting in a way that is takes care of you and shows compassion to others at the same time.  If you love yourself, that comes second nature.  If you don’t, you could start by getting curious about what you would do differently if you were behaving towards yourself as though you really were your own best friend rather than someone who would sell you down the river in the blink of an eye.  Act as if you do love yourself, and you’ll grow into it.  Astonishingly, you’ll discover you actually have more to give.
Mostly B
However you’ve done it, you’ve managed to arrive at a place where you are able to be loving to yourself and hold on to your connection and compassion for others.  You can make choices that support what you need in the moment and you can do it in a way that respects that we are all on our own individual journeys and still connected in spiritual and practical ways.  This is what healthy self love looks like.  You can say no and ask for your needs to be met without expectation or blaming and shaming others.  You can take care of you in a way that doesn’t snatch from anyone else.
Mostly C
You are desperately trying to take care of yourself, but you’re doing it in a way that is most likely to create a ripple effect of negative consequences that are probably the last things you want to set in motion.  It might be because you feel desperately overwhelmed.  It could be because oddly enough, you’ve cut yourself off from understanding we’re all on our own journey of evolution that we take in connection to the whole.  As part of that journey, others can step over the line and our boundaries in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. Understanding that they are doing the best they can and loving yourself through doing the same will transform your life – and you will be doing your bit to evolve the whole to boot.  Work on developing true compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others and you’ll see miracles.

The Power of Books

Looking for some inspiration to help you along the path to achieving your goals? Then look no further than between the covers of your favourite book. I have always known that being  an avid reader had a big impact on transforming my life and healing my past and many people such as Oprah believe the same. Books can literally create magic and here’s how.
A new study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University shows that when we identify with fictional characters we subconsciously adopt their behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotional responses in a phenomenon they call ‘experience taking’. According to the study which was recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: ‘When you “lose yourself” inside the world of a fictional character while reading a story, you may actually end up changing your own behaviour and thoughts to match that of the character.’
This can be good or bad news depending on what kind of books you read! It also means you can make a conscious choice to choose a book with a character which might help you in your current situation!
Interestingly enough, the researchers found that same kind of emotional identification and experience taking didn’t happen when watching characters in a film. It appears that the first person narratives in books provide us with that all-important window into the characters soul – we share in their emotional response and if they encounter set-backs on their path, these can provide us with insights on how to deal with them should we encounter similar ones. There’s also the knowledge that if these did not deter our protagonist, they won’t stop us from achieving our goal either. – reaching our goal usually requires us to think and act in a way differently than we have in the past. As Albert Einstein so aptly put it: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’
There’s no doubt that choosing a role model can assist us in making the changes we may need to do in order to attract what we want. We choose someone who has achieved what we want to do and then imagine how they must think and act differently to us in order to have attained this goal and then model our behaviour on theirs. This can often work very well but there can be disadvantages. For one thing – you may know of someone who has achieved what you want to – but you may not like or approve of their methods for getting it. You may choose a role model only to find they are not what they appear to be when they topple from their pedestal (a risk when we choose a celebrity as a role model), or else you cannot think of anyone who really inspires you that you want to model yourself on!
Books give us more freedom as we can create the outer edges of the charachter. It doesn’t matter what genre you enjoy reading. And your literary ‘Goal Model’ doesn’t necessarily have to be on the exact same path as you are. You might identify with a character because they have certain qualities you feel you need to adopt in order to reach your goal – self confidence, for example. Or they may have to overcome certain limitations – physical, financial, emotional – that you can identify with. You can then literally step into their shoes and in doing so their lives, their responses, the results they achieve – become yours. I would hazard a guess that books also create faster neural pathways which help dig into our charachter the qualities we seek .
We all know that by changing our behaviour and thoughts, we change our world.   Just like the saying ‘you are what you eat’ it seems we are also what we read!

I love this woman! gemini weekly astrology 11 June with Michele Knight 2012

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10 signs of a spiritual awakening


Reflections from the street..

The salesman selling evileye and stuff..

Ali Usta selling 'simit' in front of the school..

Life is Hope

 Life is hope.
 Hope of being happy in life.
 Hope of being adjusting in life.
 Hope of being able to achieve achievements in life.
 Hope of being cared by some-one in life.
 Hope of being loved by some-one in life.
 Hope of being nice to every-one in life.
 Hope of being responsible to loved-one in life. 
 Hope of light to see in darkness.
 Hope of sunshine after the rain.
 Hope of help in time of troubles. 
 Hope of wind in time of grief.
 Hope of being alive to fulfill our duties.
 Hope of joy to overcome sadness.
 Hope of encouragement to overcome fear.
 Hope of getting hope in life is hope. 
 neelapu suresh

Ave Maria

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Life After Divorce

When your relationship is over, it’s hard to get used to solo life. But there is life after divorce – and hope for happiness as a single woman again. Read on for 12 steps to start rebuilding your life...
  “I want a divorce.” Those are easily four of the most devastating words a wife can hear. Divorce can leave you depressed, lonely, financially strapped and wondering, Now what? “Initially, you feel like you’re never going to get through because you’re just so turned upside down,” says Vikki Stark, MSW, a Canadian family therapist and author of Runaway Husbands (Green Light Press), whose own husband of 20-plus years left her without warning. “But the chaos won’t last forever.” It usually takes about two years after a divorce to feel normal again, Stark says. During those 24 months, there are ways that help women heal, including talking out feelings, taking classes and even dating again. Here are 12 tips to help rebuild your life:

  1. Let yourself grieve. 
The breakup of a marriage is like a death, so it’s natural to mourn the life and lifestyle you’ve lost – even if you wanted the split. That’s because “there’s fragmentation and a vacuum where there once was order and routine,” says Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist in Santa Barbara, Calif. So take time to lie in bed eating ice cream, she says. But only a short while. “It takes about half the time you were in a relationship to fully mourn the loss,” Freed says. “Let go bit by bit.”

  2. Keep a journal. 
Writing about your emotional struggles may reduce some pain. Keeping a journal helped people with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a 2008 Syracuse University study. Participants wrote either about their distress or a neutral topic for three months. Those who’d written about disturbing experiences showed a significant improvement in their moods and responses to memories of what happened. If nothing else, journaling every few days tracks your healing. “It provides perspective in a clear, simple way,” says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Mount Kisco, N.Y. “Look where I was, and where I am now. You can inspire yourself.”

  3. Lean on friends.
 Rely on close friends to prevent you from doing anything stupid or rash, like drunk dialing your ex, slashing his tires, posting nasty things to Facebook or harassing his new girlfriend. “When people get hurt, they don’t think rationally and do really crazy things,” Freed says. “Your posse will keep you from falling off the edge.”

  4. Seek professional support.
Girlfriends who’ll let you sob on their shoulders and sleep on their couch when you can’t face being alone are true treasures. But for figuring out how to jump-start your new life, it’s better to talk with a therapist or spiritual advisor. “It’s hard to get motivated about life on your own,” O’Neill says. “Divorce is a process, and having a professional outline one that fits you is useful.”

  5. Reinvent yourself.
When you’ve been one half of a couple, losing that role can make you question who you are. “The we doesn’t exist anymore, so you need to connect with your individual identity,” says Miami marriage and family therapist Lisa Paz, Ph.D. How? For starters, list the things you like about yourself that are separate from your former role as wife, Paz advises. What are your strengths and unique attributes? When are you at your best? What do you value about yourself? “These questions can start you on the next chapter in your life,” Paz says.

  6. Make new friends. 
After your divorce, you may feel like the odd woman out in a paired-up world. In fact, your married girlfriends may not want to spend as much time with you. “Two of my [female] clients were told by [married friends] that they didn’t want them around because their husbands might get interested in them,” Freed says. That’s why you’ll need new single friends. “You’re part of a different social pool now, so surround yourself with similar people,” Paz says. Besides, hanging out with new people means less time spent on painful memories and feelings. “The more time invested in negativity about the ex means less time spent working on what’s possible,” Freed says. “Women need to vent – it’s an important part of healing – but [avoid] people who keep recycling that.”

7. Start dating again.
Flattering male attention is a great way to reinflate a bashed-up ego. “Dating replenishes your social network,” Paz says. How do you know if it’s too early to put yourself out there? “If it feels good, it’s not too soon,” she says. So ask friends for fix-ups. Or go online to a few reputable dating sites, which offer a sea of bachelors. Just keep it light and have fun. You don’t need to find a soul mate, just someone pleasant for dinner and a movie.

  8. Get back your groove.
Once you’re dating, there’s the possibility of sex – a prospect that’s both exciting and frightening, especially if you’ve been intimate only with your husband or it has been years since you were in a singles world. You may feel old, have let yourself go or faked orgasms while you were married. “Many women tell me they’re afraid to be naked with someone else, especially if they were shocked by the divorce and never saw it coming,” O’Neill says. The first step: Get reacquainted with your body. “Start by taking long baths, reminiscing about past sexual pleasures or fantasizing about what a new partner might do,” O’Neill advises. “If you haven’t masturbated in a long time, take it slow to discover what kinds of touch and rhythms lead to orgasm.” If you run into problems with arousal or orgasm, relax. About 10% of women have difficulty achieving orgasm, according to studies. Bring it up with your gynecologist or see a sex therapist to find the problem and resolve it.
  9. But take it slow.
It can be tempting to bed someone new right away, if only to prove you’re still desirable. But take precautions. First, always use condoms to ward off sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy. (Though baby-making odds shrink with age, fortysomething women have the second-highest rate of unintended pregnancy after teens.) Also, remember that casual sex rarely soothes what really hurts.

10. Get smart with finances.
 Even if you paid the bills while you were married, get up to speed on money matters – fast. “Taking charge of money is key to feeling in charge again,” Freed says. Here are two ways to get started: Take city-college or adult-education classes in personal finance management. Join an investment club, where members pool their resources to invest in the stock market. Find a club near you through the National Association of Investors Corp. (a.k.a. the Better Investing Community), a nonprofit organization that teaches people how to navigate the stock market.

  11. Make a bucket list.
Sure, divorce creates a vacuum. But it also offers the opportunity to rediscover old – and new – interests that you let go when you were married. Women often rebound from divorce into fulfilling lives, says Stark, who heard from hundreds of women about their divorces through her Sudden Wife Abandonment Project. “They rebuilt [their lives] in ways they had never imagined,” Stark says. “They went back to school, traveled, remodeled their homes and started careers.”
  12. Celebrate being single.

When you’ve come out of the divorce darkness, celebrate the occasion. Take a trip with girlfriends, kids or by yourself if you can afford it. Or throw a “divorce shower” to recoup stuff you lost in the split. “Divorce is a process of going through and coming out the other side,” O’Neill says. “A celebration marks that you’re moving forward with your new life.”

Feeling Overhelmed?Try this.

Angels in our lives

I like rain, actually. Bill Rodgers

Sitting on the edge of the world..

Oliver Wendell Holmes
A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.

Sufi Music-SUKUN

The postcard of the day 'Ankara Kugulu Park' (The swan park)

Gift Of The Seagull by Munda

 A lonely seagull flies the winds 
 Majestic... soaring...gliding wings 
 A single screech sounds from the sky 
 Come fly with me... come here and fly 
 My spirit floats to be a part
 I feel the beating of its heart
 My soul, one with this bird of sea
 Now knows the meaning to fly free
 I feel the winds caress my soul 
 And soar the streams without a goal 
 My being trembles of delight
 A treasure I received tonight 
 The seagull's flight of soaring high
 The gift of what it means to fly