Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enjoying my new book.. :)

“Woman is to be loved, not to be understood” Osho

‘The Book of Woman’ describes what it means to be a woman and explores the feminine aspect of human beings. Osho has touched the female consciousness on various levels like marriage, love, motherhood, creativity, the body and mind. He believes that by imitating a man, woman has become a second-rate man and has lost her sensitivity, softness and grace. ‘Women are just trying to be like men. If men smoke cigarettes, the woman has to smoke. If they wear pants, the woman has to wear pants. If they do a certain thing, the woman has to do that. She is just becoming a second-rate man’
About love and lovers, the book reveals that a great lover is always ready to love and each heart is a valley where the love resounds like an echo. He says that lovers don’t deceive each other, they are saying the truth but that truth belongs to the moment.
Questioning the concept of marriage, he says it is the ‘ugliest institution invented by man’. He termed it as legalized form of prostitution as its aim is to monopolize a woman. He is equally against the institution of family ‘The family doesnot help the child to inquire, it gives beliefs and beliefs are poison. Once the child is burdened with beliefs, his inquiry is crippled, paralyzed and his wings are cut. That is why there are so less Buddhas in this world’
Motherhood; Osho describes as a great responsibility and a great art; which needs to be learnt. Osho requests all mothers to be joyous, listen to music and meditate. Be very soft and don’t do anything hectic. Just go slowly, because a guest is arriving, and they have the responsibility to welcome him/her cheerfully and carefully.
Also, he has raised some very significant points about the Feministmovements. He has termed these liberation movements as a subtle conspiracy of man against woman to make her independent. As per his view, the male mind is very cunning and is succeeding. Now man wants to get rid of women. He wants no responsibility. Moreover he says that feminism has turned women into wolves and has taught them how to fight which is not there job. Man has put woman on high pedestal. It was his trick to control her. ‘Liberation movements have done nothing because it is in the hands of very stupid women’
In order to find her true potential, he says, a woman should search within her own soul and rebel against any repression. ‘The women needs revolt, not acceptance’. This book is a must read for all the feminists out there.