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GEMINI- June forecast by Susan Miller

Are you a Gemini who is often misunderstood because of their changing moods and overworking brain functions? Nevermind,welcome to the club.. Susan Miller is my favorite Astrologer and I catch her up from her website every month.. Here is the June forecast for Geminis,the naturally bipolars... :D

Gemini Horoscope for June 2010
By Susan Miller
Birthday month has arrived and at the start of June, you can look forward to several days that bring very good news. Friends seem to be playing an increasingly important role in your life. New faces are entering at a rapid rate, and you've not even seen yet how big this trend is about to become. Your new associations will be very good for you, so be determined to be out mingling as much as possible.
While I will admit this will be a high-contrast month, with some really wonderful aspects and some truly dreadful ones, I can assure you that the start of the month will be yours to enjoy.
The full moon lunar eclipse due on June 26 will bring a surprising and possibly even jarring situation to a head involving a certain financial matter. This will be a tough moment, because many planets will be fighting with one another in ways we have rarely seen. Everyone, of every sign, will notice tension in the air.
The global stock markets are due to rock sometime between the eclipse of June 26 and the day when a perfect Cardinal cross of planets will appear in the sky August 13. An eclipse in Capricorn always points to banks, investments, and the like, for Capricorn is considered a big money investment sign. The world will be in the process of developing a new attitude toward money, debt, and credit, and it is a process that can be completed in a day or a week. More eclipses in Capricorn - Cancer will arrive in 2011, but with each eclipse we will become more enlightened and closer to knowing how to deal with challenges being presented.
As a Gemini, you have been reinventing yourself and refreshing your sources of income for a while, since last year when the eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn first started coming on July 7 and 21, 2009.
You may have gone through a big change concerning earned income or joint financial income (such as child support, commissions, or bonuses) during July, August, or September 2009 last year. Later we will look at this month's eclipse of June 26, the next one in the series, but because your birthday time falls during a period when the month's aspects will arrive, let's talk about the really good days first.
You will be in line for some really big news when Jupiter, the planet known as the Great Benefic, arrives in Aries on June 6 for the first time since 1999. Jupiter has been in Pisces so far this year (2010), and has been on assignment to bring superb career opportunities. If you have been eager to get ahead in your profession, the universe will support you every inch of the way, and you can make huge strides now through the rest of the year.
Now with Jupiter in Aries, your friends will come to your aid to bring you even bigger career opportunities than you could have ever generated on your own, and you won't have to try so hard - the whole process of getting ahead should be easier.
Uranus has been in Pisces too until now, filling your house of professional achievement since 2003. This planet of unexpected developments can be exciting in any house, but when Uranus tours the tenth house of fame and honors, he can bring sudden victories out of the blue. He can also bring setbacks too, and they may have been, at times, tough to endure.
You will say goodbye to this trend for good next year (beginning in March 2011) but for now, when Uranus gives you a preview of his visit to Aries in June through mid-August 2010, you will know that a new chapter in your career is about to dawn. You now have a richer, more stable and satisfying career experience than the one you've experienced over the past seven years. Your new professional standing is within reach - it appears all the efforts you have made over the past years are starting to add up to something big.
What's interesting is that the eleventh house, which is so lit up now, rules not only support from friends, but also profit from previously made efforts in business. If you are self-employed and working in earnest toward growing your business bigger, I feel the coming three months should bring gratifying results.
Uranus is due to stay in Aries only until August 14, but it will be long enough to see that life in the office is becoming easier and less pressured. Victories will continue to come, for you have already built quite a bit of momentum that will carry you forward now without trying so hard. This will be a fresh, new influence and one that will keep you motivated and excited about your job.
You will begin to see the fruits of your labors very soon now - within weeks. Your long-range opportunities to gain more responsibility and a higher profile in your industry have never been better.
June 8 is due to be one brilliant day for your career - it's the day Jupiter will align perfectly with Uranus in entrepreneurial Aries. This is a red-letter day, and one to schedule a very important meeting! This will be one of the most fortunate days of the year, dear Gemini. They will meet at zero degrees Aries, considered the most energetic degree possible, symbolic of the very life force! Seize the day!
Money luck will follow you on June 10, a day when Venus will send a lovely beam to Uranus (surprise) and Jupiter (good fortune). It deserves a big gold star!
The other two days that will be perfect for finding financial luck will be June 14 and 15, when Mercury will be beautifully angled to Uranus (surprise), and on the following day to Jupiter, and Mars will telephone Pluto with happy results.
All new moons bring opportunity, and this month's new moon, June 12, in Gemini, will be especially focused on you. This new moon may initiate a long distance trip, for Neptune will be beautifully oriented to that moon, and may whisk you away on a magic carpet on a trip that's all pleasure (no work!) and you'll love every moment.
Admittedly, a situation going on at home seems to have anchored you lately and you may have hesitated going away even for a short trip. Mars will enter your home sector, joining Saturn already there, so you may feel your attention needs to be evenly split between work and home. This month you may need to attend to a real estate issue or to a pressing family situation that comes up.
By the end of July, both Saturn and Mars will leave your home area, so it will be easier for you to enjoy carefree travel in August than in June. Still, there will be opportunities to enjoy at least one short journey while Venus tours Leo from June 10 to July 10, so if you can, you may benefit from visiting a new setting.
Mercury is your ruler, but will be in an uncooperative mood most of the month, due to be particularly cranky on June 9, 11, 25, and 26. Those won't be your best days, so you'd be best to follow along on routine business. As a matter of fact, I would stay out of airports in the days surrounding June 26. Don't sign a contact on any of those difficult days either.
Instead schedule your biggest actions on your most golden days, June 10, 14, and 15. On these days you will have support form Jupiter and Uranus, so you should find them to be exceptionally bright and happy. As you will see, there are good days and not-so-good days layered next to each other this month.
The hardest time of the month, and possibly of the year, will come June 26 when the full moon eclipse will fall in Capricorn. This lunar eclipse will fall in your eighth house of other people's money, and by that I mean that the following types of money may be on your mind: Commissions, bonuses, licensing fees, royalties, pensions, inheritance, insurance, venture capital - one of these areas - point to a possible area of difficulty. The stock market is due to gyrate at this time, so be very conservative in your investments in the days and weeks leading up to June 26.
Sometimes between June 26 and August 13, there may be a precipitous drop in stocks, so it would be best for you to work with reputable brokers and other moneymen who can steer you in the right direction.
In your personal life, be careful to pay bills on time to avoid an altercation with a creditor. This eclipse will be a hard one for everyone, of every sign. We have a second eclipse coming July 11, and it will also fall in a financial house for Gemini, but that one may bring you a solid new source of income.
This eclipse will bring on an emotional and somewhat difficult time, for Uranus and Jupiter will argue with Pluto and the full moon, as well as with Saturn and Mercury and the Sun. All of these heavenly bodies will be angry at each other. On top of this, all these planets will be in energetic "do it now" Cardinal signs so there won't be much time to meditate about what to do next - it will be clear, and there won't be room for negotiation. Astrologers call this type of formation a Cardinal cross, considered to be exceedingly rare and difficult because of a general lack of cooperation you will encounter from others. You will be presented with situations "as is" with few, if any, chances to negotiate better terms or to change the situation more to your liking.
You may need to meet a financial obligation, and if so, it may be hard to do. Still, you will have to keep your wits about you and find a way. This would not be the time to settle the division of property in a divorce, talk about child support, or negotiate with the taxman. Talks could become quite heated with each side digging in their heels.
Identity theft may become a problem, or an error may occur on your bank statements, so check all financial records carefully. Because Saturn is in your house of home, a dispute may come up regarding a mortgage or sale of a house, or having to do with an emotional family topic that is not easy to solve because of one or more squabbling relatives who won't agree with any of the solutions you propose.
Honestly, with a full moon lunar eclipse this difficult, even if you won the lottery, you'd probably have to fend off a band of angry relatives who would say they deserve your windfall more than you do - and demand you hand it over! I am kidding, of course, but you see my point. Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can't win. It is true that this eclipse will bring out a strange side in people. You will have to stay practical and objective - an eclipse in Capricorn would demand you do. Deal with the facts and rely on expert opinion if necessary, but above all, try to keep emotions at bay.
You may need surgery, as an eclipse in the eighth house sometimes requires sudden medical or dental care. This could explain why you would be negotiating about other people's money - the insurance company. An eclipse will always point you to a situation that has to be fortified, so just go with the flow. If you need surgery, opt to have it, for you will be on the road to recovery all the sooner.
Fortunately, Mars will be one of the only planets in a cheerful mood and he will befriend the mighty Sun, which suggests you will have support from a VIP or distinguished professional (like a doctor or lawyer). You may be able to sell an important creative project at this time, too. Also, Jupiter's position shows us that your friends will care about you and will be standing by to help you - no small advantage!
You may see a prominent woman in your life move away or somehow leave your environment, for this is an eclipse of the moon, and the moon is read as feminine. The eighth house is the house of transformation, so this is possible, but it appears this eclipse is more about money than about a person. I am flagging this possibility, even though I feel the probability for this manifestation is not as great.
You are fortunate in that you are a flexible, adaptable Gemini, for your personality is well suited to dealing with sudden changes or challenges as they come up.
This month I suggest you check my new article, "How to Deal with Eclipses." It is a new and revised list of all the things I have learned from studying eclipses over the past twenty-five years. You can find this article at this URL on Astrology Zone:
Romantically, your prospects dazzle. Jupiter and Uranus will put you in the mood for love and there seems to be no shortage of opportunity for you to be out to meet new people. You seem to be ready to break old patterns, and if single, to be open to dating different types than usually attract you. Good! This would be the right month to meet someone new who will stay in your life a long time.
Venus in Leo will be friendly in the second half, so while parts of life might be tense, your social life should be comforting.
Most romantic dates this month include: June 1, 2, 6-8, 10-12, 14-15 (gold-star days), 19, 20, and 28-29.

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