Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jehan Barbur-UYAN

One of my car CDs again.., Jehan's UYAN.. Listening to her is a kind of a therapy.. She is the female version of Bülent Ortaçgil.. :)
Let's get to know her...

Jehan Istiklal Barbur was born in 1980 in Beirut. She grew up in Iskenderun and went to Ankara for college. She studied at the American Culture and Literature Department at Bilkent University where she also enjoyed her years as an amateur singer and also joined drama clubs where she acted for three years. After she graduated fom Bilkent University; in 2002 she moved to Istanbul and started to seek her carreer in which she always dreamed to be..."a song-writer and a singer". For a short time she studied with Randy Esen and joined gigs; sang in several events. She worked for the TV and production companies when she realised that she would only like to breath and live for music; thus gave everything up and started to work on her own and for her own music. In 2004 she joined the group "Funkalaturca" as the group's vocalist where they performed shows for special events. (for the group info pls visit : She is still the memeber of the group and touring on occassions. In 2005 she started to write her own songs and worked with several musicians. In January 2009, she, with the help of Cudi Genc, produced her album named "UYAN" which has been released by ADA MUZIK. Jehan is now working for the album, singing with three different goups and still writing songs of her own . Her group "mellow trip trio" and her album group which she regards as her lovely family can be followd through her weekly schedule on this site. ....breathing through music to live.....with stories she longs to tell in her songs.

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