Thursday, October 21, 2010

Answer of this week's 2 questions...


Here are Blessing Reflection's Thursday Two Questions:

1) Was there any event, incident or anecdote in your life that pushed you to start blogging - when & how?

ANSWER: I started blogging as an assignment in my ''Learning Technologies in the Classroom'' online teachers' course,last June.. But as soon as I get into this bloghosphere,blogging has been a way to express myself..

2) Do you ever wonder if you're disclosing too many personal details, if yes how does that make you feel?

ANSWER: I don't think I'm disclosing too many personal details..


Self Sagacity said...

Hi, and welcome to Blessing Reflection's Thursday Two Questions.

What a wonderful start of blogging. I think your teacher is great in having blogging as part of the learning.

Thanks for your answers. Do you have Two Questions for us the readers? What would you like to ask others?

Margaret Duarte said...

Hi Joni. I already answered these questions over at Blessing Reflections, but I enjoyed reading yours, especially how you got in to blogging. That sounds like a great class to take.

Burciko said...

@SS; Thank you very much for your nice comments.. My questions to the other readers are;
1- Do you ever feel like you're writing on the water while blogging?(I do.. I sometimes think that I am the only one who read what is written on my blog and my blog is lost in the blogosphere..)

2- Do you really 'FOLLOW' the blogs that you follow or do you just add them to your list just for more audience? :) (I do follow..)

@Margaret; YES Margaret I really feel so lucky for joining that course since it gave me this 'blogging' gift.. :)

Donnie said...

1- I found such wonderful ladies on the blogs I visited and they would answer my comments.. I just wanted to be part of the fun.

2- I think it's a fine line on what to tell on your blog. I want mine to be a gentle place and since I have a short attention span they are short. My son says he shares more on Facebook than I do on the blog.

Burciko said...


SquirrelQueen said...

Great questions. I think we all feel like we are blogging only for ourselves when we first get started. I learned that many people visit but don't take the time to comment. If you look at your page views you get a better idea of how many readers you have.

I try to "follow" and read as many of my followers' blogs as I can. I usually visit those who stop by and see me first and then read others. In the summer months it is really hard to keep up with everyone.

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

1) Blogging can make you feel burnt out some times, so I try to go out and take picture!

2)I follow the people who follows me, and I try to stay loyal to my readers.

DoanLegacy said...

Thanks for joining us this week!

1) I think when we blog, we first do it for ourselves, and slowly others will find us. It's lonely at first, and then it can get overwhelming!

2) I follow back but I prefer to stay faithful to my regular commenters..It's only fair!

Self Sagacity said...

1) Funny you should ask the first question. If you go to my blog and check out the post "10 Reasons Why I Blog" listed on the right hand side. You will find, I said almost the same thing in a funny way.
2) This depends on the what the Follow purpose was for. I am especially interested in the TTQuestions group because it is quite interesting to read about other people's thoughts and style.