Monday, October 18, 2010

All About me in 30 days..(Days 7-11)

The Happy Feet at the beach
This photo of my little ones really make me happy.. (:

The photo that makes me SAD..
Because My Grandpa(the oldest) is ill nowadays..

Fish eating bread..A photo that I took.. DAY 9

The girl with short hair is me.. In 1996
when I was a freshman at college.. (:
DAY 10

This is ME,nowadays..
DAY 11


tips4green said...

Hello! I am a new follower! I look forward to your posts. Please stop on by when you get a chance.
Tips 4 Green

Hande said...

süper fotolar burcikom ^_^

Hande said...

süper fotolar burcikom ^_^

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Is amazing how many fish were attacking that bread, feet in the sand is fun. A nice photo of your grandpa.

Rheanna said...

this is a great idea. i love that old picture. thanks for sharing this with everyone :)
I'm a new follower but I was trying to find the following thing and can't find it :( maybe i'm missing something

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Looking forward to exploring your blog some more!!

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RyHeAnNe said...

Followed you through Tuesday Tag along...a get well soon for your Grandpa..

Naomi said...

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