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Gemini Horoscope for July 2010 by Susan Miller

Here's the July horoscope for the bipolar twins... :))

Over the past year - and possibly last month - you may have seen one or more radical shifts in your financials. The eclipses are concentrating on the two sectors of your chart that deal with money, so are in the process of reinventing your attitude, your lifestyle, and your management regarding money. More specifically, you are changing the way you earn, save, spend, and invest. Although you may have had a few scary moments since the eclipses first came by in Cancer-Capricorn July 2009, you are heading to a more secure place, something you may see by the time you enter July.

Last month the eclipse in Capricorn on June 26 might have created a situation that required you to write a hefty check or make a certain financial agreement, perhaps in terms of a payment plan, commission deal, or contractual agreement.

Happily, this month, just AFTER the solar new moon eclipse of July 11 in Cancer (19 degrees), you can now even up your ledgers. If you didn't lose money, you will still be happy to see more! Sometime in the weeks that follow this eclipse, you may get a surprise check, receive an offer to do a lucrative project, or be awarded a new professional position that pays well. Alternatively, you may make a big purchase or sale.

I am excited about the eclipse of July 11, for it is a new moon that will open a whole new path. Uranus (surprise) and Jupiter (generosity and expansion) will both be outstandingly supportive. This eclipse is so good it may bring you a financial miracle just in the nick of time. Of course, with Uranus, whatever you THINK will happen won't, but something else will! Whatever it is, it seems to have you dancing on the tables!

The eclipse last month, June 26, was lunar, and therefore a full moon, which is always emotional. Full moons mark endings, but this month's new moon eclipse will mark a beginning and will promote objectivity and reason, not drama. All eclipses reveal certain truths that change everything, requiring almost instant decisions and adjustments.

In the financial realm, as a few examples of what may have come up (or still will), you may have learned something about your accountant last month that gave you pause. Or, you may have been horrified to learn that a trusted partner has helped himself to some of your money without your knowledge. You may have noticed a bad error on one of your financial statements made by the bank, or you may have had to act quickly to stamp out identity theft. Last month's eclipse was a very harsh one, so certain circumstances required your quick attention. If nothing was wrong, the eclipse had nothing to show you, so in that case you may have sailed through that eclipse easily. But even if you won the lottery or inherited a million dollars, you still had to quickly figure out how to handle the money or risk losing it all.

This month's July 11 eclipse will bring better news than last month. You won't be looking back but rather forward. Offers to make money should start to come in, and you would be wise to investigate them all. This is quite clearly the best time of the year to earn more income, whether by getting a new job or promotion or if self-employed, by reeling in a new or client. Nothing will happen prior to the eclipse of July 11 - news will come after.

This eclipse is unusual that it will be so outstandingly friendly. Thanks to the help of Uranus and Jupiter, a friend seems to play a key role in the financial opportunity that comes up. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so you won't see this news coming - in fact, it all may come out of left field. It is possible that someone in your immediate family will be somehow involved too, either because this person will work with you as part of the job description, or because a family member will provide the tip or introduction to the VIP who will open the door for you. With Saturn opposed to Uranus, it could mark a big departure from what you've been doing in the past and set you off on a new path.

Jupiter will move back to your house of fame and honors in September and remain there during the duration of the year. This suggests that something you are cooking up now could become public knowledge in a few months - and generate respect for you quite impressively. This all tells me you may have a tiger by the tail, so don't let go! Give all the opportunities that come up now all you've got. Both Uranus and Jupiter will be in Aries, so this suggests something very new and entrepreneurial will catch your eye, and the newness of it all will excite you.

With eclipses going on in Capricorn and Cancer, make sure you don't forget about any financial deadlines or details that you have to attend to in a timely manner. Eclipses look for weak links. If you are doing everything right - sending in payments on time and being responsive when asked for documentation or information - you won't likely have problems. If you can't pay on time, then make an agreement with your creditor or government (in the case of taxes) so that you will be on record as being in compliance. Eclipses are very strong, and you never want to take any sort of risk near an eclipse.

Some Gemini have been dealing with the close of an estate or the sale of others' (or their own) possessions. You may be presenting a business plan to get venture capital, selling a family member's house, or dealing with an insurance claim, child support, or a court case where a large sum of money is at stake. That was all a topic of discussion last month, but this month your attention will shift to earning money, not dealing with packages of money, like one of the examples I just gave.

If the tide took a source of income out over the past year, this eclipse is strong enough - and generous enough - to see the tide bring in something and it seems better than the one lost. That's why you should put the pedal to the metal this month. Rarely have your prospects been THIS outstanding for increasing your stash of cash.

On another note, this month you may be considering the idea of doing some maintenance on your apartment or house. You may be repairing the window seals, cleaning out vents, reupholstering or cleaning furniture, or painting one or more rooms. July and August will be perfect months to clean out closets and to generally get ready for the coming holidays later in the year.

If you want to buy furniture or do anything special to your home, do so soon, as Mercury will be retrograde from August 20 to September 12, not a time you want to be spending for anything expensive, and certainly not for furniture, a mattress, an electronic item, or kitchen appliance. Problems with Mercury will show up as soon as August 6 or so - you would want to act in July if your plans are elaborate.

Now that Saturn will leave your home sector for good this month on July 21 - having been in this house since September 2007 - you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. You may have struggled to pay a mortgage, had problems with the sale or purchase of a house, or had a great deal of responsibility for a possibly aged parent or other family member. The burdens you shouldered will start to fade and soon will be a distant memory, for Saturn will not be back to this area of your chart again until 2036.

With Venus gracing your home sector this month, you might want to give a party. Perfect - you can do so anytime between July 9 and11.

The end of July will bring news from afar or the opportunity to take a long trip. This will be brought to you by the full moon, July 25, and thanks to incredibly strong support from Jupiter (luck), Uranus (surprise), and Mars (action). This tells me the trip may be to see a friend, or if you cannot travel, you may host a friend in your city. This month seems to brim with surprises and this full moon seems to bring you that.

Alternatively, you may get a surprise assignment or position from a foreign company, say, a foreign publication or TV station / cable company, or you may seal an important contract with a company overseas. News from a college or university could be excellent too, and if you need to take any sort of qualifying test at this time, you will do well.

This full moon, July 25 (but exerting a field of influence of plus or minus four days), is surrounded with a ring of sparkling aspects. Let's look at them.

On July 22, the Sun and Saturn will be chatting over a friendly lunch, allowing you to make fun plans to go away on a short trip if you like.

A day later, on July 23, the Sun and Uranus will be in sync and you'll get a nice surprise from a friend.

Sun and Jupiter will be at perfect angles on July 26, the day after this full moon, clearly one of the most beneficial days of the month for you. Gee, friends will certainly have your best interests in mind and help you in ways that touch you deeply.

If you have a birthday that falls at the end of May, near May 24, plus or minus five days, you will feel the energy of this full moon most, but as you see, it would be hard to imagine any Gemini of any birthday being left out.

Mercury, your ruler, will be extra friendly on the following days, and because your ruler will be a virtual Chatty Cathy, that could be significant to you. It looks like you have an action packed month. Add an eclipse to the mix (happily, a friendly one) and you will have a month that will move VERY fast, with events barreling toward you at rapid rate. In each of the following days, Mercury will be contacting a major planet, so you may want to write down these days on your calendar as advantageous to you.

July 1, travel to see pals or to sign papers. Positive results will come, thanks to Mars in good position. It's also a perfect day to write or do just about anything!

July 9 talks lead to long-range stability and home-related plans, thanks to Saturn's influence.

July 9 also - brilliant ideas will come to you (thanks to Uranus).

July 11- a friend will do you a huge favor (thanks to Jupiter).

July 30 - good financial talks (thanks to Pluto).

Romantically, Mars will enter your true love sector on Thursday, July 29, but will immediately get into an angry row with Uranus. This is a hot aspect and could spell trouble for a friendship or a romantic relationship. People around you will be quick to snap, so keep your head down and out of the line of fire. It would not be the best date night.

Still, having Mars in your romantic sector will be good, and he will stay until September 14. So while you may have a bumpy ride on or near July 29, as you move away from this date, things will improve impressively. August and early September holds possibility for increasing your social life.

Saturn will move into your house of true love to settle in until October 2012. You had a little taste of Saturn from the end of October through early April, but that was a short run, and now you will have a longer experience. Actually, compared to where Saturn's been for over two years, you will find this an easier place to host Saturn.

I say this because anytime a big planet is on one of the key angles of the chart (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth houses), the planet acts in a particularly strong, even wild and untamed, way. You have had Saturn in the fourth house of home for more than two years. Having Saturn here had you pinned to home and family, and to some degree restricted your movements.

Now, in Libra, Saturn won't be in hard angle to your Sun, but rather in a very compatible angle to your Sun. This means you will more easily absorb the lessons of Saturn than you did with Saturn in Virgo. Virgo is earth, you are air - you may have felt smothered by the responsibilities that were keeping you pinned to home base.

Now, with Saturn in Libra, you will adopt a more realistic approach to your love life. You have matured, and you will be ready for a serious relationship. If you are attached, you may be ready for marriage, a house, a child - the whole package. If you already have children, you may want to help your child in a significant way. You and I will talk more about Saturn in Libra, as it's a huge trend.

Most romantic dates: July 1, 3 (lovely), 4, 8-9, 16-17 and 23-26.

The fifth house is also the house of creativity, so in the coming two years, you may start a big project that requires you give all that you have to give. Still, working on this assignment could make you a star, dear Gemini, and that certainly will be worthy of your effort. Be aware that any creative project undertaken now would take more time and money than you expect, so just factor that into your plans and estimates. Again, it would be worth it!


The unexpected financial news that resulted from the solar eclipse of last month, June 25, will likely be on your mind as you enter July. If you are concerned about your finances, the solar eclipse of July 11 may help you find a new source of income to replace any losses you may have endured. Pluto will oppose that eclipse, though, so be prepared to be competitive and to present your case assertively and with purpose. As they say, negotiate fiercely - as if the rent were due tomorrow. Energy attracts energy!

Some Gemini are dealing with finances that include venture capital, an insurance company, or court case, or are in the process of splitting money in a divorce. Last month's eclipse may have ended things, but if not, watch July 25, as sometimes an eclipse will assert news a month to the day later plus or minus five days. The days surrounding August 6 will also be important.

Stick to your guns, for Mercury will be in perfect angle to Jupiter, indicating your assertive nature and businesslike approach will be met with admiration. Your confidence will prove to VIPs you are the one they need for the job.

With Mars in fastidious Virgo still lighting your home sector, you have the perfect opportunity to clean closets, paint, wash windows and do other repairs, and to check off other maintenance tasks you've meant to do for your home. With Saturn back in your home sector, you might be thinking about tearing down walls or improving your home's structure in some way. Do so between now and July 31, your very best time to get a project done on budget.

With Venus present from June 10 to August 7, you'll love the changes you undertake - you may never want to leave! If you can't get things done in July, you will have more help from the planets in September, so by time the holidays arrive at year's end, your apartment or house can be shipshape.

The upcoming opposition of Saturn and Uranus in July's last week may make you feel pulled in two directions, with the needs of those in one camp clashing with those in another. You will have to try to please everyone as best you can, but don't stress too much. You are a multi-tasking Gemini, after all, so if anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, it's you.

Love has been erratic for you, but with Mars about to light your true love sector on July 29 until September 14, you'll start a two-month period where romance will be fun to find. The summer holds plenty of potential. There'll be only one day when you have to be super careful, when Mars and Uranus will be at one another's throats, July 30 - not a good night for fun and love.

Travel could be on the agenda all month. The brilliant full moon weekend of July 24-25 could give you the chance to go quite a distance. If you have no plans, be spontaneous! This trip will be special in every way and could help put other life developments in better perspective.

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