Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It was an awful day yesterday.. I had to accompany one of my relatives who had an abortion.. Witnessing and sharing her grief from the beginning to the end hit me so bad..
As her marriage was problematic and she was on anti-depressants,abortion seemed to be the only choice she had..
We went to the doctor's office first. When he started to examine her with ultrasound,I saw the heartbeats of the baby.. How I wish I didn't..
Then we went to the hospital for the operation. When they got in the OR, a newborn baby came out from another one.. Birth and death at the same time...
Oh,boy.. All I thought for the rest of the day was the selfishness and cruelty of mankind..
I wish I was a bird..

The Silent Cry

Too many voices stay silent
Horrendous acts of butchery
Endless babies aborted

So sad and done so selfishly
Inception of life so precious
Life taken for so little reason
Ended with scalpel in hand
No one to stop death's season
Taken lives by the millions

Cries that will never be heard
Reaching beyond the silence
Years of a child's unspoken word


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