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TEFL courses in Ankara....

Professional Development Opportunites
International Conferences

BUSEL is not only committed to ensuring the recruitment of qualified instructors, but also to encouraging the continual professional development of them. To ensure and maintain quality teaching and learning and to keep up with recent developments in the ELT profession BUSEL has a staff development program which provides a variety of activities to suit the needs and interests of the teaching staff and the institution. Some of the activities include international conferences, formal training courses, short courses on specialized topic areas, and workshops.
The suite of qualifications offered by our Centre for Instructor Development and Education (CIDE) includes:
ICELT - Cambridge University ESOL In-service Certificate in Eng. Lang. Teaching CELTA - Cambridge University ESOL Certificate in Eng. Lang. Teaching to Adults* DELTA - Cambridge University ESOL Diploma in Eng. Lang. Teaching to Adults MA Management in Education in E.L.T. (Bilkent University)
As well as these formal courses BUSEL offers a variety of courses on specialized topic areas and workshops on practical teaching issues. All courses are given by BUSEL members, and instructors are encouraged to give workshops as part of the workshop program. Through these teacher training opportunities instructors both upgrade their qualifications and improve their knowledge and skills, ultimately ensuring better teaching and learning within the school. Such staff development opportunities are one way in which BUSEL is able to maintain a high degree of professionalism among its staff.International Conferences BUSEL has organised nine international conferences. These are as follows:
• December 1995 "Management in ELT"
• December 1996 " Teacher Training and Development"
• December 1997 "Teaching of Content and Language in Post-Preparatory Courses in English-medium Universities Outside the Target Language Community"
• February 1999 "Achieving a Coherent Curriculum: Key Elements, Methods and Principles"
• February 2000 "Excellence in Teaching Promoting, Implementing and Sustaining Effective Practice"
• February 2001 "Challenge and Creativity in Teaching Beginners"
• January 2002 "A Fresh Look at Grammar and Vocabulary: A Quest for Alternative Teaching Approaches"
• January 2003 “Speaking in the Monoloingual Classroom: Need for a Fresh Approach?” January 2003 Conference Feedback
• March 2004 “Challenge in Learning: Helping Learners Realize Their Full Potential”
• June 2007, “The Future of ELT: A Quest for Common Standards and Approaches”• November 2008, “Perspectives on Teaching Pronunciation: Where Theory Meets Practice”

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