Wednesday, August 25, 2010



You'll be in a highly social mood, ready to meet and greet others, but there will be obstacles to fun and love, particularly during the first half of August. Don't try too hard, for if you do, your frustrations will multiply. It might be better to beg off social obligations and new opportunities to meet potential romantic partners in the first two weeks.

Venus and Mars, now in Libra, will light your fifth house of love, a lovely place for these two romantic planets to be - but heavy-duty Saturn will be in that house too, in close proximity. Saturn could, unfortunately, spoil the pudding. Saturn wants you to work, not play, and will make conditions difficult until you cave in to work-related demands and pare down your social schedule. Worse, with Uranus stirring the pot too, you may have confrontations with friends, or a serious disagreement with one. Alas, sometimes life is that way. Be cheerful though, for your love life will go far easier in the second half of August, so you won't miss too much.

Do your best to make plans to travel to a new setting before summer slips away. The new moon August 9 will allow you to find the ideal location that offers a chic experience but is also affordable luxury. The fact that Neptune will be prominent suggests a locale near water would be ideal, and being there will inspire your creative side, too. You may even get an invitation from a wealthy friend to spend time at her cottage - accept!

This month, travel really does bring you all sorts of fortunate possibilities in addition to the chance to wind down. Mercury will be retrograde from August 20 to September 12, and because this planet is your ruler, you won't find anything too pressing going on at home, so you can safely duck out.

Your career will get a mighty boost from Uranus' move back to Pisces on August 14 though January 22 - this is fantastic news, for it means your work will come to light and be appreciated. Uranus is soon to link to good fortune Jupiter, a lovely cosmic coincidence that will certainly raise your profile.

Yet you won't have to wait until Jupiter enters Pisces in September to see some exciting developments. This could happen at the full moon August 24, so plan to be back from your journeys then. Lots of pretty fireworks will light up your professional sector ruling reputation and applause, and you'll want to enjoy all the fuss about you that comes your way. You may be finishing up a long-term project or reaching the end of a negotiation for a new job that comes with great responsibility and power. Whatever occurs, you'll be ready to tell the world.

Neptune will be close to that full moon, so if you are in a creative field, you'll show the full range of your talents near that full moon August 24. Pluto, now in a financial house, will beam excellent support, so you are likely to be very pleased with the financial rewards that this full moon delivers too, most likely in terms of a bonus, fee, commission, court settlement, or other one-time chunk of cash. This full moon could easily mark a watershed moment in your career, so start now to make it a special moment by interviewing for a new job, going after publicity, or by taking another assertive, but judicious, risk.

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