Thursday, August 5, 2010

ON HOLIDAY.. Where I've been..

ÇEŞME.. ÇEŞME.. ÇEŞME... My favorite place,the place where I want to live for the rest of my life... I spent my holiday with my family at my husband's family's summerhome.. Our summerhome is in Ildırı,Çeşme.

Ildiri, a quiet seaside village 20 km. northeast of Cesme, was ancient Erythrai. Those who climb up to the Acropolis at dusk are rewarded with beautiful views as the sun sinks over the bay and islands.

Çeşme lies (~ 80 Km) west of Izmir on Turkey's Aegean coast, it is within easy reach of Izmir or Adnan Mendres International Airport (via a modern 6 lane highway) and can also be reached by ferry from the Italian port of Brindisi, or the Greek Island of Chios (in Turkish called Sakiz) The name Çeşme (“Cheshme” derived from the Turkish word for Fountain) has always been a popular summer resort for the residents of nearby Izmir and over recent years the “secrets” of Çeşme have been discovered by an ever growing number of European tourists. The region is a combination of rich agricultural land enclosing unspoiled turquoise bays with beaches of fine white sand and (as its name suggests) natural hot water springs.

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