Thursday, August 5, 2010


My holiday book was 'A Fraction of the Whole' . It was a beautifully written novel which takes you to one place from another like a squash ball. I loved it..

Let's have a look at some other comments from Google;

A Fraction of the Whole is narrated by Jasper Dean who is telling the story of his father, Martin, and his uncle, Terry. Their stories begin in Australia, where Martin was in a coma for four years as a boy and remembered every word read to him while comatose, and Terry was a criminal who achieved folk hero status for taking his revenge on a bribe-taking cricket team. Martin and Terry longed for the same woman, and as Martin became obsessed with rising above his brother's shadow. Martin's inspired lunacy led Jasper and him to different parts of the world as each of his schemes led through unexpected twists and turns to become another adventure where Martin was determined to impart all of his offbeat wisdom to his son. Steve Toltz's debut novel has received positive reviews with the Seattle Times saying, "The real pleasure in reading this book is the pace and the language. While there is a narrative thread, what Toltz has done masterfully is have his way with every aspect of modern life. He racks 'em up and knocks 'em down with a laser wit, a fine turn of phrase and a devastatingly funny outlook on everything human."

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