Saturday, December 4, 2010


By Susan Miller

By the time you reach December, the Sun has moved into Sagittarius, a sign found six months from your birth Sun sign, so you can't quite expect to get full control in any talks you are having this month. When two people come to the table in business or in love, both bring something that is highly attractive to the other side. You both need one another, but on the other hand, you both also have certain needs. Finding the right balance will be your aim this month.

You will be asked to find complex compromises and discuss fine points with one person close to you. Having great negotiation skills is an art, and this month you may sharpen those skills considerably. Working in a collaboration in business or personally can be exhilarating. Getting engaged is one example of an event that could take place this month, if you've been dating seriously.

The fact that Mars is winding up its tour of Sagittarius should help you reach accord. It is not always easy having Mars positioned 180 degrees away from your sign, and you've had Mars in this not-so-easy position since October 28. Happily, on December 7, Mars will move on to a slightly easier position.

Before that happens, Mars and Uranus will have a difference of opinion on December 3, and you may have a difficult surprise involving money, career, or a partner. You may also have a difficult confrontation on December 17, when the Sun and Uranus are at a hard angle to each other. These events will reveal what is going on in the head of someone you trust, and if you don't like what you learn, you will have to make adjustments to protect yourself and open a dialogue to air feelings.

Keep in mind that Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is still guarding your career ferociously. That should be a comfort if you get any jarring news on the career front this month.

Uranus is due to go direct on December 5 after having been retrograde since July 5, so your professional position will grow stronger, especially in regard to publishing and broadcasting projects.

No matter what goes on in the first few days of December, you will be very focused on an important present, or proposed, partner most of the month, for the new moon, December 5, will appear in your marriage and partnership sector (seventh house). This is the house we look to when there is any sort of "coming together" of two people, in love or business.

We learn about ourselves by watching how we deal with others - others give us feedback, but also we see how we react to certain opportunities and challenges, in ways that we might not have anticipated. Everything is hypothetical until we are presented with a solid opportunity or challenge in real life. This month, if there is someone important to you, you will be talking intently on how best to come together and iron out any possible differences.

The fact that Saturn will send blessings to this new moon of December 5 makes all the difference, and so working on getting the partnership right will be worth the time and effort. Saturn will lend longevity to the relationship you are creating. The two of you are likely to be practical, level headed, and realistic, all very positive attributes that can spell success for the long road ahead.

Those Gemini born on or within four days of June 4 will be most affected by the new moon's emphasis on partnering.

Mercury, your ruling planet, will be retrograde all month, so although you'd love to settle things rapidly and get on with your life, that won't likely happen. Things will take time - lots of time. This is not a bad sign, but rather part of the natural process of coming together with another.

If you have to sign a contract, you must not sign now. Instead, talk and sift though the fine print and plan to sign in January. I would wait until after the solar eclipse, January 4 - aim for mid-January.

Do not buy any electronics this month as gifts, as Mercury in retrograde will bring problems. You can buy a gift certificate for the item you wanted to give, as long as you know the store where your recipient likes to shop.

Many Gemini may be getting engaged for the holidays. If that describes you, it would be best to get engaged on New Year's Eve rather than at any time earlier, for Mercury will turn direct on December 30. That's an exciting event - you will want everything perfect! Wait until Mercury goes direct!

In terms of money, once Mars moves into your eighth house, you will need to sort out joint financial matters, perhaps because in love or business you will be sharing present funds or future profits with another person. On the most basic level, for example, if you are getting married, you may be thinking about whether you want a joint credit card or bank account, or separate ones. On a grander level, you may be preparing a business plan in an effort to get venture capital, and if so, you would be pitching in January.

This house is also a tax house, so you may be gathering your receipts for your accountant. If so, you will likely be done with all the necessary information to complete your income tax return close to the time when Mars leaves Capricorn on January 15. Good job!

If you are getting a divorce or splitting the proceeds of a business, you may have some difficult decisions to make concerning the way to proceed. Mars can often inflame talks, but fortunately, the eclipse on January 4, in this same house, may open a path and give you both an idea of how to proceed.

The most difficult part of the month will come on the total eclipse of the moon, December 21, in Gemini at 29 degrees.

Those born on June 20, minus five days, are most likely to feel the effects of this powerful full moon eclipse. Still, every Gemini will feel some of the effects because this is a total eclipse falling within a half degree of the solstice, which makes it much more powerful.

As a result of this eclipse, it's important that you protect your health, as sometimes an eclipse will show up a medical condition that you'll need to attend to quickly. The faster you get medical advice, the faster you will be feeling your old self again. So, if you think you notice something wrong, don't wave it off. This is always good advice when eclipses come back and fall in your sign of Gemini or your opposite sign of Sagittarius. What you see may be nothing important, but it's always wise to take the safe, overly cautious route at eclipse time.

On a different manifestation, an eclipse in Gemini will also help you understand your own needs on a whole new level. It will clarify how you feel about someone or something dearly important to you, often in an unexpected way. Sometimes enlightenment comes through an offhand, casual comment someone makes to you. What comes up may involve a partner or significant other - see what happens.

You had eclipses in Gemini in 2002 to 2003, so perhaps you can recall what themes came up back then. Although other planets have since moved to different positions, you may get an idea of what might come up to be discussed.

You may change your appearance after this December 21 eclipse is over (immediately or in time), or you may adopt a very different perspective on someone. This eclipse will likely be a difficult one, as it will receive a hard beam from Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Uranus is in his final days of touring your career sector (tenth house), so you may have a sudden, unexpected development in your career. Coming on December 21, this has to be tough, but remember, all signs will be feeling this eclipse in one way or another. You must keep your schedule lighter than usual. Do all your holiday preparations early, and by all means do not leave things to the last minute.

An eclipse in Gemini will always bring Mercury into the discussion, because Mercury rules Gemini. The problem is that this month, as said earlier, Mercury will be in a debilitated state, because it will be in retrograde motion. A communication could go unintentionally wrong, so be very careful about all that you write and say at this time (even in social media), for it could be used against you later.

A full moon is always a time we feel more emotional, and tensions will, admittedly, be at a peak at this time. I feel badly having to report this, as this day will fall so close to the holidays. Still, try to listen rather than to speak, no matter how upset you may feel. Something is coming to a culmination or an end, and you need to hear all the facts. Under any eclipse, it's best to listen and to voice thoughts only after you have reflected on all facets of the situation. You can always get your turn to speak later, in January. Remember, too, all eclipses have a second act and you will need to wait to hear more information in the weeks ahead.

After you read my report, you may want to read my article, "How to Deal with Eclipses." Just click here to find it:

I will remind you again, however, that you have Jupiter in Pisces guarding your house of reputation and career advancement. That's huge, so don't worry about the long-range effects. When it comes to career, you are the prize, and everyone continues to want you in their corner.

Romance in December will be a wild card. When you have eclipses, things go in the extreme - either wonderfully or not at all well. I hope you are part of the first group!

Your very best day this month - for ANY reason, including romance - will be when Mercury and Pluto conjoin on December 5. You will feel powerful and confident - and you will be!

Best romantic nights are December 1, 4, 5, 10, 13, 23, and 24.


This will not be a "business as usual" month, especially with a full moon eclipse in Gemini due on December 21. A close relationship is changing and will be in need of examination and clarification. Eclipses reveal truths, so if there is any news you need to know, you will soon discover what it is, quite rapidly. Gemini born at the end of the sign, near June 17-21, will be most likely to feel the most direct effects of this eclipse and may feel rocked by news.

If your alliance proves strong, you may find that this eclipse instead points out a need to protect your health. This month's eclipse in Gemini will be looking at not only your own needs, but also your health and one close relationship. If you learn you need a procedure (medical or dental), schedule it soon so that you can move on. The eclipse would be revealing what has been hidden from view and what you will need to know to protect yourself. With Pluto orbiting close to Mars, your powers of regeneration will be quite astounding. Stay optimistic.

A whole series of eclipses are due in 2011 and 2012 in Gemini and Sagittarius, and when they are over you will have a whole new and stronger appreciation for your talents and other strengths.

December 3 could prove to be a difficult career day, due to Mars in hard angle to Uranus. It's not the day to have an important talk with your boss or client. Lie low because on this day good news will be in short supply. December 17 could be tense too, as the Sun and Uranus will be in a hard angle to each other. Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is still in your career house, protecting you through thick and thin until January 22.

All month, your emotions may run from hot to cold and back again on all fronts, for aspects will be pulling and tugging at you from different directions. The new moon on December 5, coming only two days after the December 3 career event (mentioned above), will open a window for discussions with proposed collaborators / partners in the coming two weeks. You may be ready to form a partnership in love or business with someone important to you. For example, you may be ready to get engaged, and if so, plan to do so on December 31 - not before that. New Year's Eve is a very romantic day, filled with festivities and fireworks, so that might work for you.

While it is a good time to talk about the future, with your seventh house of Sagittarius hosting not only the new moon, but various planets coming and going in this same house, and all opposed to your Sun, you won't have full control. At times you may resent being gently pressured into accepting certain conditions. Mars is notorious about creating disputes, so if there are any arguments over procedures or money, they may get quite heated this month. Go slowly and methodically, and if talks should become difficult on any one day, break the connection and suggest you both adjourn and meet another day when you will both feel fresher, calmer, and more able to come up with new solutions.

Keep in mind that your ruler and guardian planet, Mercury, will be retrograde during most of December, keeping you at a disadvantage. When your ruling planet is out of phase, it's hard to have an impact and influence on events and to be as persuasive as you know you can be. Having Mercury retrograde to a Gemini is a bit like trying to box with someone while standing on a slippery slab of ice - impossible to retain a strong, rooted position. Mercury will speed direct on December 30, but on the heels of that date, another eclipse will be due January 4.

It's always best to wait to see what comes up on these events, as eclipses always bring both opportunities and challenges quite unexpectedly. If you can wait until January 15, you will be sitting pretty, and early February will be better yet.

Be cheered in knowing that everyone will be in the same boat. Those few who defiantly choose to act in a hasty manner will regret their impulsive actions later. It's a time to watch and wait, not act assertively.

There's no doubt that this will be a complex month with many necessary facts obscured and yet oddly, on other fronts, information will be brought to light very dramatically with the speed and force of a geyser. You will need time to reflect on all you discover, but with so much noise, it will be hard to think. Take your time. You may change your mind more than once in December.

From December 5 until January 15, talks that center on money will move forward. If you work in a performance based industry and regularly receive a commission, bonus, royalties, or licensing fees, you will be able to rake in a hefty check.

Divorce settlements, severance, child support, insurance, university financial aid, and all sorts of court cases may be on your mind and may come up for discussion or action. Don't be shy - speak your mind - and although you may have to wait until January to settle talks, you can sift through the research process now. You can also get the jump on year-end taxes this month - you will be among the first to file and perhaps among the first to get your refund, too (that, is, if one is due)!

Dates to Note for Gemini:

Your career is the strongest, best part of your chart, especially after Uranus goes direct December 5.

Use your excellent career energy before Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, leaves your professional achievement sector January 22. Your competition is getting energetic and aggressive - find ways to combat them. You can.

Contact career people you know from your past to see if you can do more together in the future.

Mercury will be retrograde from December 10 to 30, but you will feel the slowdowns from the moment the month begins. If you ship packages, double check all addresses.

Mars will have you doing your taxes and other financially oriented planning from December 7 to January 15. After that, you'll be done!

The lunar eclipse of December 21 could bring you life-changing news, particularly if you were born at the end of your sign, June 15-21. Do not over pack your schedule - find a way to do the holidays as easily as possible. Enlist as much help as you can, for you will need it.

Protect your health as you get closer to December 21, and immediately address any matter that might come up - don't wave things off due to lack of time. Eclipses sometimes bring up issues that were latent and need to be addressed instantly.

This is a touch-and-go month for romance due to the December 21 eclipse, so it is anyone's guess about how this may work out. The following days are better than most, but not until January, if attached, will you know where you stand.

The new moon December 5 will help you make new alliances romantically, either at work or in your personal life. This marks your best moment of the month, but you will have to work FAST, within a handful of days: December 5-8.

Best romantic nights December 1, 4, 5, 10, 13, 23, and 24.