Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have never been abroad before.. Only God knows how I want to see new places,meet new faces,taste new dishes... But I know I will make it somehow.. I am determined..

  I want to travel the world
go to all the places in my dreams
i want to lay on the beach next side to you
I want to ride horses with you through the fields
I want to go rock climbing and challenge myself
Travel to Washington, DC and see the white house
Travel to every state in the U.S.A
there is so much to see
out in this beautiful world we call Earth
Why stay in one place,
when you have a chance
to experience everything?




Do not hesitate
as hesitation is leading to defeat.


And enjoy it.
Travel through time.


Until you find the truth,
no matter where it is hidden.


And search for it
even if it was in the unknown.

On the road
leading from east to west.

So, we may meet there.
For the best.

Vida Nenadic 
  to travel in the world
not only to see with your eyes
but's about opening your mind
also your heart

so you can see will
and you can judge
you need much more than your eyes
to see everything

you'll find stories of every kind
you'll find emotions of every type
you'll see, you'll feel
you'll know secrets and mysteries

some will make you happy
some will make you sad
places you wish you didn't go to
places you want to get back

but the thing that you have to put always in your mind
you don't travel to change places
but my friend, you travel
so you can change ideas and see better

Fadwa Daddou Gmiden