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Classroom Feng Shui

I LOVE working, and teaching in my classroom. Classroom feng shui is so easy to do; and people often comment on the peaceful energy they feel inmy room.

There are several feng shui books available specifically for teachers and classrooms, but my favorite (and the only one I use for my classroom) is a book I found online by two Asian women (it was permanently borrowed by someone who loved it, so I can't provide an author or title-yet)

I was skeptical of the suggestions when I first read them. So many different colors in one small space, made me think of a circus theme- which was the LAST thing I needed to create with my students! Nevertheless, I followed the rules as presented and I am so glad I did.

This page is a do-it-yourself instruction sheet for teachers who enjoy decorating, like to feel at home when they are at work, want to enhance learning for their students and would love to enjoy a classroom of peaceful children everyday.

This page explains how I do it (this also works for every room in a house and even for the space on a desk).

Make It Happen

Here are the 6 steps to feng shui a classroom:

* If the room has stuff sitting out everywhere, that anyone can see when they enter the classroom... throw half of it in the dumpster and then pack up and hide the rest in cabinets, and under tables. Goal= make the room look as empty as possible (other than chairs and desks, of course)!

The ultimate goal would be that even the cabinets and shelves are neat, organized and not overfilled; but that can come later.

Feng shui energy needs space to move around and between all the things in a room (even the things in a cabinet or on a shelf) in order to work it's best magic. So please create as much empty space as possible in the classroom.

If you are not familiar yet with the feng shui bagua , be sure to read my introduction to this very helpful tool.

Your FREE Stress Tip

Get your own, full-color feng shui bagua for free by signing up for my "Stressology" newsletter. Just fill in your name and email in the box on the left and you'll get an instant download link for your very own bagua map, which not only shows you which colors go where, but also tells you which objects to place in each area of your room, as well as the magic feng shui phrase that you can say to activate the special energy of each of the nine spaces.

This is an invaluable tool for any feng shui enthusiast- beginner or advanced.

* Using a real compass (sporting goods stores have these for hikers), stand in the middle of the room and follow the arrow to see which wall or corner is the north. Get a sticky note and write the word "North" on it, and stick it to the exact spot on the wall where the needle points to north.

Place a sticky note for each of the 8 compass directions on the walls and corners.

* Label each wall and corner (or ceiling tile) with the name of the nine feng shui bagua areas:

North: Career
South: Fame
East: Family
West: Fun
Northeast: Wisdom
Northwest: Helpful People
Southeast: Abundance
Southwest: Relationships
Center: Health

These labels can be as simple as sticky notes or as elaborate as posters. I created my own posters that combine the right color, with the specific word of the bagua and a photo of the matching element. I call this INSTANT feng shui, because all I have to do to feng shui a room, is hang the poster on the exact compass location and then state my intention three times. It could not be easier!

* Put the "right" color on each wall, or in front of the wall-including each of the four corners.

North: black or dark blue
South: red
East: green
West: white
Northeast: turquoise
Northwest: gray
Southeast: purple
Southwest: pink
Center: soft yellow or earth tone

* Stand in each color-coded area and either say or think a positively phrased statement, three times (in the present tense), about your wish for that part of your life.

Ex. In the turquoise, wisdom area say: "My students are hard-working and smart."

* This last step is optional, but does a great job of making the feng shui effect more tangible and therefore stronger.

Place an object of the right color in each area matching it to that areas' natural element.

North: water
South: light or fire (candles in a classroom- a no-no?)
East: wood
West: metal
Northeast: stone
Northwest: metal
Southeast: wood
Southwest: earthen product
Center: earthen product

That's it!

Although feng shui does not specifically involve essential oils; I always have a diffuser (or bottles) of lavender and orange oil at my desk. Lavender creates calmness (when student energy is high) and orange increases alertness (wake up those sleepy heads in the morning).

I use pure, essential oils in a nebulizer-type of diffuser at my desk; and no child (even those who say they have allergies) has ever said they have a reaction to the aromatherapy in my classroom. Use at your own discretion, of course.

Bug-proof Your Feng Shui Clasroom

Just in case you have or want to avoid a bug (ants, cockroaches) problem in your beautiful, new feng shui classroom, here is a natural bug prevention method and a natural bug killer product to try:

* Spray and clean cabinets with a mix of 1/4 cup tea tree oil, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 2 cups water.
* Sprinkle NATURAL diatonaceous earth powder (not the kind used for pool filters) at all the entry ways to your classroom. It can usually be found in the plant and nursery section of a store like Walmart or Home Depot and at horse feed stores. This product is completely safe for humans.

Note: cockroaches love and need water. If you have any sources of water in your classroom (like a sink), consider closing off the drain when it's not in use.

Personal Feng Shui

Once you have the classical feng shui elements in place and the room does not look cluttered, you are ready to do some personal feng shui adjustments that are specific to your birthdate!

Doing personal feng shui is like a tailor sewing your clothes specifically for your body. Only it's easy to do, and I bet you'll love learning more about yourself.

My intention for everyone reading this:

Enjoy Your Comfortable Classroom and Your Relaxed, Hard-Working Students!

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