Wednesday, September 15, 2010



A very touchy novel from a Turkish writer... It is said to be the Turkish 'Little Prince' in the book world. I will read the original version in Turkish once again because I think the English version is a bit poor in translation..

Here are some comments from the official website of the writer...

''Up to this day, I have never read or heard of such an interesting book. My sister had read the book and recommended it to me, she especially kept praising the ending. I started reading it and finished it on the third day; I would have finished it much earlier if I had not had exams. I am very intrigued how you came up with such an unusual story. The ending was especially excellent. I thank you very very very much for writing such a wonderful book.''

''A rich first novel which perhaps most authors could only write as their last… I am really impressed. I bought your book and in the evening it was finished. In one word, it is magnificent. It’s a wonderful blend of many philosophies from different cultures. Since then, many of my friends have also read your book and The Missing Rose still hasn’t come back to me. In fact, some of them have bought copies of it to put into their libraries. In the middle of the night I received one sms message from a friend of mine, saying that she has just finished the book and wanted to share her feelings with me. (At different times of the day, I received other messages and I think they will continue to come.) She thanked me for giving her the book. I would like to thank you for putting together such a treasure and sharing it with us.''

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