Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tattoos have been around since ancient Egypt and have also been discovered on "the iceman" from millions of years ago. So why all the talk today about the tattoo culture and its effects on our society? Some nations of the world still sees tattooing as a family and cultural tradition. Children are tattooed as a right of passage. In our day, we feel it is an expression of who we are as a person. With this self expression comes positive and negative feedback from other members of our society.

Some of the positive aspects of being tattooed can be expressed by many tattoo lovers. The rush of putting something decorative on their bodies is like no other feeling in the world. Knowing the mark of the needle is there forever is a beautiful committment to many ink seekers. Picking a design and saying it is part of "you" is what drives some to commit to tattoo collecting. Sports teams, girlfriends names, children's favorite play toys, favorite foods, brand names, flowers, and even frightening subjects are part of the tattooing design platform. A tattoo can mean a committment between two friends to be friends forever.

A tattoo can commemorate a death of a family member, friend, or even a pet. Many times while doing memorial tattoos, artists will see the tears of the living flow under the buzz of the needle. The tattoo gives closure and security in knowing the memorial is permanently a part of the grieving person's body.
"Wearing your heart on your sleeve" is actually what the memorial tattoo does for the client seeking to show their love, committment, or grief of losing a loved one. This is just one positive effect of getting tattooed.

Another effect that can be positive is the ornamental decoration of one's body. Many decorative designs can be seen on young people and even people in their eighties. One episode of Miami Ink showed an eighty year old lady getting her first tattoo. She was a perky eighty year old and wanted to have her initial on her upper arm. It was an honor for Ami to decorate her virgin skin at the age of eighty.

Art on the skin has been around for millions of years. Expressing oneself through artistic designs is an uplifting experience for many being tattooed. The designing of a unique tattoo is one positive part of the tattooing experience. Becoming the designer gives the tattoo client a sense of ownership of the artwork being placed on their bodies. Some tattoo artists do not like to use artwork done by the client or a client's agent. Some art just does not make for good tattooing. If a piece of art is not up to an artist's view of good tattoo art, the artist may refuse to do the tattooing. If the artist approves of the art the client has designed, then it can have a very uplifting and positive effect on the client. The pride that comes with saying they designed their own artwork is great. Choosing the placement is another positive control of one's own body and what will become a part of their being forever. Positive feedback from friends and family also adds to the clients feelings of euphoria from being tattooed.

Tatoos might be the original calling card of sailors and bikers, but as more and more modern-minded parents embrace them as a form of personal artistic expression, they're finding that they can make a favorite moment more tangible than a memory.Like me.. (c:)
An advice; IF your daughter asks why people are staring at you, tell them it's because you are beautiful. ;)


mommysankey said...

Loved the advice at the end. My daughter loves looking at my tattoos. Most days she askes to see one if not all of them.

Found you through bloggy moms and look forward to reading more.

Burciko said...

Thank you.. I'll be following you too... ;)

The Paradise Series said...

I changed mothers when mine even suggested a tattoo, I guess I am taboo to the tattoo. I like the skin natural which I consider lovely, If I want ink, I will buy a book.


Jamie said...

You should credit photos to the photographer when you find them on google. That one on the right is mine and was posted with a watermark on it in 2009.

Burciko said...

Jamie,I'm really sorry,this is an old post and you are right. Can you please send me the one with the watermark so that I can replace it with that? :(