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Gemini September 2010 forecast

Gemini Horoscope for September 2010
By Susan Miller
Although it's September, the traditional month for high energy and fresh starts, Mercury, your ruler, is still retrograde until September 12, so as you enter the month, take it slow and easy. The world will be in warm-up stage, not quite ready for your ideas yet. To push hard now would be out of sync with the flow of things, and you will actually gain more by spending some time thinking and perfecting your strategy.
Mercury is the planet that is responsible for your superb intelligence and talent with communication, but when he retrogrades, we are all liable to overlook certain facts that later cause problems. Miscommunications and misunderstandings abound, as do delays and changes in plans that require backtracking. Strikes and technical problems delay trains and buses while airlines bring delays and passengers change flights. Glitches and errors crop up in publishing, broadcasting, Internet, software, telecommunications, and shipping.
We become forgetful during these phases and are prone to lose things if we are not very careful. Keep track of your electronic devices, keys, wallet, sunglasses, and eyeglasses. Female readers could lose their makeup cases and guy readers may misplace season footfall tickets. In an effort not to lose your treasures, tape your business card inside every case (or slip it inside your case) and tape it on the underside of your computer or smart phone. When you get an address or phone number, enter it into our computer or cell phone immediately, and don't carry it around on a tiny slip of paper that could get lost.
Some readers ask, "Is Mercury retrograde all the time?" The answer is no, but it sometimes feels that way. Whenever Mercury speeds ahead of the Sun and gets to 27-1/2 degrees in separation, it's as if the Sun has a leash and pulls Mercury back and it appears that Mercury is retrograde in the sky. It's as though the Sun wants Mercury to be his front man, for after all, Mercury is the most articulate of all the planets and has been called "the messenger of the gods" for good reason. Mercury is very fast and very reactive. Mercury pulls ahead of the Sun four times a year, so he retrogrades about every 12 weeks for a three-and-a-half week period.
Readers have asked, "Is it a bad for a baby to be born with Mercury retrograde?" No, not at all! This aspect causes a child to be quite philosophical and deeply reflective. Actually, I was born with Mercury retrograde and it's never hindered me. That is saying a lot since I work in all phases of communication, including publishing, the Internet, and broadcasting, and have cell phone apps (Astrology Zone Premier and Astrology Zone Mobile) - those are all areas ruled by Mercury.
The next time Mercury will retrograde after it goes direct September 12 will be December 10-30. This means holiday shopping will be very difficult this year. Aim to make your most important purchases (especially electronic ones as Mercury rules moving parts) in October or November. If you don't shop early you will risk seeing your recipient disappointed with your gift, or else something may be wrong with it.
The good part about Mercury retrograde is that we go back to the past to discover possessions we haven't seen in a long time and presumed were lost. We also tend to connect with one or two people we know but haven't seen in a very long time.
While it is never wise to take a job when Mercury is retrograde, you CAN accept it if the offer is from your past, like if a former boss or old friend makes you the offer. In that case, you can accept the position, for it means you both were meant to do something more together in this lifetime.
Mercury happens to be retrograde in Virgo right now, suggesting that you can go back to get a lot accomplished in your home during this period. It's a great time to paint, repair, refurbish, and do cleaning and maintenance. If you once tried to buy a house, only to have your offer rejected, the owners may come back to you now for a second chance.
Speaking of home-related matters, this month the new moon on September 8 will help you get all kinds of home-related goals in gear within the two weeks that follow. If you paint, be sure to ask the painters to do the closets too for when you empty those closets, you will be excited to find old treasures that you never know you had. Repairs are perfect to do when Mercury is out of phase.
I feel it's a good idea to pretend you're moving out each year by calling in the painters to do one or two rooms. Doing so helps you keep the clutter at bay. Painting the closets almost forces you to give away things that you would never do if you didn't just empty it all first. Painting makes me enthusiastic about adding new little accessories and other touches, and I love the feeling of being in a super-clean apartment. I bet you feel the same way.
If you need to do something more ambitious, like move house, purchase a condo, or sell a co-op, do so AFTER September 12 for best results. This month could well prove to be pivotal for home and family-related matters, so get started on those plans!
Your career is due for some truly exciting news in the coming weeks and months once Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, moves into Pisces and your tenth house of fame on September 9, to stay until January 22. Jupiter only visits a sector of the chart once every 12 years, and you have Jupiter at the pinnacle point of your chart now, the house ruling honors, awards, achievement, and fame. The ancients called this house "the house of dignity," and when it is triggered, there's an opportunity to reach a new career level, to a place where everyone - even competitors - agree you have proven your worth in a new and important way. If you have been looking for a new position but not really seeing things click, you have the very best outlook for a major professional victory.
I would like you to watch September 18 as a potentially very special career day, when Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin in Pisces in your tenth house of professional achievement. That will be a Saturday, so watch the day or two prior for news, for September 16 and 17 will be work days when it might be more likely to bring news.
Also this month, Mars will enter your sixth house of work projects, indicating that from September 14 to October 28, you will be working very hard on your career. Get ready - there won't be a moment to breathe! It will be a good feeling to be so valued.
The ruler of your solar tenth house of career is Neptune, and Neptune is still retrograde (since May 31) but will turn direct November 7. No doubt about it, November will be a key month for you, for Jupiter will also go direct on November 18, having been retrograde since July 23.
November will also be great because it'll be the first month that the planets will start being friendlier to one another. The period from June through August was an especially tense time astrologically, but the first five months of 2010 weren't exactly a party either. Planets have kept you in a pressure grip, so you will notice a sense of ease that is both unfamiliar and welcome once you get to November. At that time you could see quite a career breakthrough, although this month September 17-18 could bring one, too.
Financially, this year (and last year, possibly as far back as July 2009) you've had to scramble to keep up with the kaleidoscope of changes that were being wrought by the eclipses. At some point in the past 15 months, you may have seen a source of income end, but if so, new sources were showing up, too. Gemini is a quick adapter, and you've shown outstanding resourcefulness. Still, it likely was a very nerve wracking period.
If you didn't see income end, then you may have had a number of unexpected financial setbacks or expenses. No matter, it kept you thinking about money, which is never Gemini's favorite subject. You prefer to think about new ideas and concepts, and thinking about money all the time can be mentally and emotionally draining. This month, you are likely to see a change for the better to your income, and here's why.
Pluto will turn direct this month on September 14, having been retrograde since April (yes, big, slow moving planets retrograde for months). This is going to be really good news for your finances, so watch for clues that things are looking up within days of September 14.
When a large outer planet goes direct, it brings immediate clues to the path to follow in the days surrounding that move to direct speed. Keep your antenna up in the days surrounding September 14 and listen acutely. You may feel very encouraged at that time, too. Your old optimism is returning, little by little!
Your social life will bring a fun evening out on September 23, the full moon in Aries, plus or minus four days. This full moon will conjunct Jupiter and Uranus, but in hard angle to Saturn. This tells me that: 1) It should be fun - surprisingly so. 2) You may be able to mix business with pleasure if you want to, or you may want to keep this evening purely personal. On the minus side, 3) one friend may give you pause, and you may feel sad to see a side of this person that you'd rather not see.
If you do have problems with the friend, don't let it overshadow the evening. Because this full moon is in zero degrees of Aries, you'll be in a courageous, adventurous mood - and I say that even if you are usually a little shy. You will want to be with others and within four days of this date, you can be! If you were born on or near June 21, you will reap the benefits of this full moon most. You really do need a night out, so hopefully you can make this work for you - it would be special, with a touch of luxury, too.
Saturn's position might make you a little worried about going out because of responsibilities that you have for your children or for work that needs to be done. Knowing this, perhaps you can find a way to have someone cover for you so you can plan for a night out. (I know you probably don't know yet that you are going out on or near September 23 because with Uranus involved, the option will come up quickly, but it looks like you are, so go with that idea and plan ahead.)
The hardest day of the month is due to be September 21, when Uranus opposes the Sun, so a VIP, client, important relative, or other major person in your life (most likely male) could bring completely unexpected problems, and when it happens, it could be shocking. Or, it may be that a male near you is under unusual duress.
Generally, it may help to know if you were born late in the sign, say, from June 17-21, you currently have Uranus opposed to the Sun. Your Gemini friends and relatives already had this aspect sometime between 2003 and this year, and when it triggers its news depends on the exact date of birth. For example, if your birthday falls May 22, you felt this aspect in 2003. If you were born at the end of your sign, it is hitting about now.
This is a very separating aspect, so you may have torn yourself away from a career path, particular job or relationship, or even from a city, or other endeavor. It's not an easy aspect, but it will be enlightening. Uranus is known to send thunderbolts to sweep away whatever it deems no longer viable, so that you can replace that situation with something more appropriate to your life. It is a tough aspect that comes once in a lifetime. Fortunately, once you deal with it, it's over as quickly as it comes up, but the episode can leave a scar.
If you were born near June 17-21, you would have to watch your health very carefully during this phase, as you are shouldering a lot of pressure these days. When Uranus enters Aries on May 27, 2011, you will be in the clear. Uranus will leave its present position and not be back to this placement again. You will be done!
Romantically, you have some good aspects as you start the month, as Mars will travel closely with Venus in your house of true love until mid-month. Later, after September 14, as mentioned, you are about to get very busy with work projects, so you might not feel as carefree as you will at the start of the month.
The weekend of September 11-12 seems very bright indeed. Mars will be signaling Neptune (lovely for travel or for doing cultural things together, like attending a concert, going to the movies, or going dancing), and the moon will conjoin Venus. Nice.
Also, I do feel that despite the slight problems associated with the full moon, September 23, you WILL enjoy yourself completely, so try to be out on that night or one close to it.
Best romantic nights: September 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 23-24, and 28.
September ends the month on a somber tone. Saturn will conjoin the Sun on September 30, a time when you may need to make a long-range decision. Saturn will be conjunct the Sun, so you may feel sensitive to criticism, especially from someone you love or admire. You may also feel financial pressures, too, due to the position of Pluto and Uranus. At first you may feel bereft of options and completely cornered. Stay calm - the right answers are there if you look. Fortunately, you are a resourceful Gemini and you will find those options, so don't panic.
Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is headed to the lofty career and success part of your chart (tenth house) and will conjoin Uranus on September 18 giving Gemini, of any birthday, reason to celebrate a professional victory. A broadcasting or publishing project may come up, or news from a foreign person may thrill you. Circle September 18 - it's one of 2010's red-hot career days for you.
Keep your eye on September 7 when you will need to make a decision about an important financial matter. What comes up may relate to the events that happened near the lunar eclipse of June 26.
The turn of Pluto to direct speed on September 14 will help you craft a plan to fortify your financial situation.
Still, when it comes to money, you may be moving toward a difficult situation at month's end, so if you can guess what might be coming due, try to head off problems before they start.
You've been career-oriented all year, but the new moon, September 8, will help you take care of pressing needs at home that you may not have had time to address until now. No matter what your goal, you should be able to make real progress in September, from making a residential move to completing a decorating project. Even small projects, say, to schedule repairs or reorganize closets, will bring a welcome feeling of calm.
Although you would theoretically begin your home-related plans the moment the new moon appears September 8, you'd be wise to wait a few days. Mercury, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since August 20, but will turn direct on September 12. Make sure you don't buy anything, sign anything, or agree to anything important until AFTER this date.
The Sun will oppose Uranus on September 21, a time that may bring jarring news about your career. Indeed, any weak link could show signs of wear, or even break at this time. You'll likely feel pulled between needs of your family and those of your profession, and both sides will want your full attention. Keep breathing.
Romantically, your best moments will come either very early or at the full moon later in the month. First, Mars and Venus will keep things dazzling during the first week of September.
Later, a bright and very important social event could dot your schedule within five days of the full moon September 23. This full moon will be conjunct Jupiter, indicating an exceptionally luxurious evening out awaits you. You may find participating to be quite expensive, and only clever juggling will allow you to go and survive it financially! You will, but only by a hair! Oh, dear Gemini, just go!
September 30 may bring a depressing day in matters of the heart, so don't bring up any touchy subject with your significant other on this day. Saturn will conjoin the Sun, so you will be super-sensitive to anything you even construe as criticism. Alternatively, your partner may be under a lot of stress or not well, and you may be concerned about your beloved. See what comes up and just know, in three days you will be feeling better. Get through this, and you'll be feeling your old self again

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