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Gemini Horoscope for October 2010

This will be a far more productive month than September proved to be because last month your ruler, Mercury, was out of phase for the first half and Saturn was slowing things down a bit in the second half. Now you are moving again, very rapidly. Yet don't move TOO fast as you enter October, as you have one little annoying day to get over, especially if your birthday falls near June 18.
That aspect will come on October 2 when Mercury will argue with Uranus. Either your home or work will bring you unexpected news that requires a quick solution, or it may be a day that will simply leave you feeling temporarily on edge. This is not the day to ask for favors or for scheduling any sort of big meeting. Things may not go your way. However, mentally, you will be very sharp, so it's a good day for writing or for giving a speech. I promise, after October 2, everything should go well!
Romance and finding a richer, more satisfying private life will be very much on your mind after the new moon appears, October 7. Saturn will be conjunct the Sun and new moon, so your mood will be thoughtful, introspective, and somewhat intense, yet at the same time you will also be practical and realistic. If you have no one in your life now, you may decide to make a plan to meet more people in a way that is comfortable to you.
If you do meet someone, Saturn is known to toss in a few obstacles to see what you might do. Your new date that you meet may be much older than you (or seem older in spirit) - will you mind? Or, the person you meet may still be upset over a previous breakup - can you provide comfort, friendship, and insight without becoming immediately jealous because you have feelings for your new love?
Perhaps Saturn will create a distance between you - by that I mean you may both live in different cities. Can you deal with that? Your new love, or you, may be in school or working all the time - will you be able to stay together despite the obstacles? It's impossible to know when a hypothetical question like one of these is asked - you won't know until you are in the situation. Saturn has many variations on this theme, and by facing one of these types of situations, you will learn a great deal about yourself and about how strong your determination is to stay with this person.
There are no right or wrong answers - some people are not worthy of great sacrifices. One thing I can say is this: Saturn's position suggests that all life lessons will come through romance and children at this time in your life. Once Saturn leaves in October 2012, two years from now, you will be done with your testing period. Saturn will not be back until 2039. Sometimes what is learned is that you can love and trust again, despite your doubts. Sometimes what is asked of you is very easy to fulfill because love will lead your decision - it is obvious. You have to see how all this works out for you.
While the thought of having an obstacle may enervate you, be cheerful! New moons open new doors, and this one on October 7 is no exception. If single, you could have an intriguing new meeting, so stay positive. While Saturn is known to create a few roadblocks (most likely to strengthen your resolve), Saturn is also capable of helping you build the kind of stability you've never known (or haven't for a long time). Saturn will also make you introspective, so if you have had problems with relationships, you may get insight about certain recurring patterns that you can gradually change. (Nothing about Saturn is quick.)
Saturn helps you get down to business. If you have been staying home weekends watching "Road to City Hall" on TV or spending nights reading your New York State Tax Newsletter (or something similar and boring), no wonder you feel you have to break out of your rut! Few planets are as useful as Saturn to help you become determined to start a new chapter. While it is true Saturn always prefers that you work, not play, he gives a determined disciplined approach to all that you do, so your resolve in finding someone new to love will likely bring results.
This new moon is in Libra, the sign ruling marriage and partnership, appearing in the fifth house of true love, so it's clear you want to build a life with someone - the pull will be very strong now. Accordingly, you will be willing to try new approaches to find love.
For everyone the answer to that question - how can I attract my one true love? - will be different. I can suggest an answer that might work now. With Venus about to tour your sixth house for four months (!), it's possible now that you will meet an intriguing co-worker, meet an interesting person who calls on your company (such as a supplier, client, or vendor), or meet through industry events You might also meet through sports, whether you are a participant or spectator.
Venus will be very close to her lover Mars in the first part of the month, which is as rare as it is special - this is good news! On October 3 these two little lovebird planets will meet, which is very special. That's a Sunday that you will want to circle in red on your calendar as potentially lots of fun, and even romantic. It would be a great day to meet in person someone you've been talking with over email and the phone. Venus is the natural ruler of your fifth house of true love.
If you are dating seriously, the new moon will motivate you to think about doing more together, and for most, that means thinking about commitment. Mars will enter your house of marriage on October 28 to December 7, the time you are most likely to start talking about an engagement, moving in together, or actually getting married. At that time, your partner will take the lead, and you may be content to follow - see how you feel.
If you have a child (or more than one child), you may be concerned about one of your offspring in the coming weeks due to the appearance of the new moon in Libra October 7. You may have to give that child special preparations, treatments, lessons, or (if older) a loan or outright gift of money. Or, you may invite an older child to come home, as your child may need a temporary place to stay. There seems to be something you can do to further the welfare of your child, and this would be true no matter what your child's age happens to be, from tiny infant to all grown up. You will be thinking about this child in October and in weeks to come.
If you are trying to become pregnant, the new moon will give you special reason for hope because the fifth house, where this once-a-year new moon is appearing, is also the house of pregnancy and birth. Saturn's presence suggests that you are in a very realistic, serious mode and very determined to see progress. If you have been trying to conceive for a year, with no success, then you and your partner may want to see a doctor in the weeks ahead to find out if there is a reason for the delay. As my Argentine friend Violetta used to say to me in her charming Argentinean accent, "Su-san, it is always good to have information."
This new moon can have another way of manifesting its opportunities, and that would be through taking on or launching a new creative project. Actually this would be a great time to start, but keep in mind, Saturn will probably slow things down as you go along because you will be attending to lots of detail. No matter what deadline you think is reasonable, you will likely need a bit more time at the end. Sometimes projects run into more money too, so keep that in mind if you are estimating costs. Still, you would create something for which you will be proud, so give it all the passion you have to give. This certain project could later become a star on your lapel.
This new moon will be in Libra 14 degrees, so if you were born on June 4 or five days within this date, you will feel the effects of this new moon the most but also benefit the most from the opportunities that come up, and the actions you take.
I mentioned before that Venus would spend four months in your house of work projects. Usually Venus only spends four weeks in a sign, but the reason that Venus will be in Scorpio so long is that Venus is about to retrograde. Once she does, she will become weak and will reduce her powers. Once Venus turns direct, she will restart her direct orbit, and that accounts for her very long, four-month stay in your sixth house. Because Venus is the planet of happiness, the upside is that you will enjoy the work you do in those four months.
During Venus retrograde, October 8 to November 18, you should not schedule plastic surgery or make any radical changes to your appearance, such as with a new hair cut or color. (You can have trims and do regular grooming, of course. but no dramatic changes!) Venus rules good looks, after all, and she also has dominion over all that embellishes and enhances, such as jewelry, flowers, fragrance, expensive clothing, and for women, makeup. It would be best to choose any of these items on October 2, 3, or 6 (best days), or wait until after November 18 to do so. Venus also rules love and fun, so it's not the time to get engaged or to throw a big party.
You won't be able to initiate actions in December either, and so I might as well use this opportunity to talk about how messy December will be for everyone of every sign, but especially you, because Mercury is your ruler. Mercury will be retrograde through the entire month of December, and on top of that we have an angry full moon lunar eclipse December 21 in Gemini (affecting those who are born near June 19 or with planets in Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius at or near 29 degrees in the natal chart.)
This means you should clear your calendar for December, for unforeseen circumstances will come up to blow you off course. If you leave holiday preparations for the last minute, I can assure you that you will run out of time. Don't buy air tickets in December - you will have to change them and incur penalties. It could get expensive!
As you know, the holidays are always stressful, but this year they will be doubly so. Store inventories will be low, and it will be harder to find the perfect present. Start by shopping for the children on your list first, as little ones look forward to getting new toys at the holidays. Then decide on the handful of those you truly love and who mean the most, and decide what to get those few people. Shop for them next. If you want to buy an electronic item as a present, or for yourself, such as a computer, TV, cell phone, iPad, iPod, dishwater - anything from a "big box store," then do it NOW! You must have that electronic item purchased no later than November.
Avoid shopping on November 27 (a Saturday which falls over Thanksgiving weekend in the US - it's a nightmare day with Mercury square Uranus.) Stay far away from that day even though sales will be big on that weekend!
If you run out of time in December, hopefully the rest of the people on your list can be taken care of with something small that you can pick up while Mercury is retrograde. The more you want the person to enjoy their gift from you, the earlier you should shop. In terms of the coming eclipse, keep your strength and resistance high in December by starting to eat right now. Take good care of yourself and ask your doctor if you should get a flu shot now (I just did). Should you face a stressful situation, you will be able to face it easily if you are in strong, healthy shape.
Speaking of health, thanks to Mars in your sixth house, this will also be a perfect month to redouble your efforts at the gym. If you begin to work out regularly through October, you will see impressive results by the time the month is out. Mars is giving you extra strength, so you may want to treat yourself to package of sessions with a trainer, or go back to lifting weights (as Mars rules iron). If you hope to run a marathon or compete in an elite competitive arena, start in October while you have Mars' feisty favor.
October and most of November will be the right time to have checkups, such as to have your blood pressure and blood chemistry / cholesterol checked, take dental and other x-rays, and have your eyes checked. If you are ever a little nervous about having medical or dental exams, it may help to know that there are new techniques now that will make you very comfortable. For example, for eye tests, the "air puff test" is no longer given in most offices for a glaucoma test. The new one is easy - I didn't know this was the case and had been dreading having that one test for no reason.
Now let's turn to another topic - your money. Think back to the eclipse of July 11, a new moon solar eclipse, when one source of income ended, started, or changed. Now, on October 12, the Sun will hit a sensitive point of 19 degrees and trigger some of the changes that the July 11 solar eclipse was to bring to you. You are in control, but you will need to watch finances to see what comes up. That eclipse was positive, so hopefully you will get good news.
Even if you don't get good news (but rather you get bad news) on or near October 12 concerning your salary and other earned income (unlikely, but if it should happen), keep in mind that you have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Jupiter will leave this area of your chart on January 22, not to return for 12 years. Each time Jupiter makes a decisive positive aspect to other planets, you should hear good news about your career. Uranus, planet of surprise, is traveling arm in arm with Jupiter in your tenth house of fame and accomplishment too, so when Uranus is signaled, he will help you as well.
Your career is going great guns, a fact you may or may not be aware of yet, but if you are not, you will find that out soon! With Jupiter and Uranus traveling within two tiny degrees of one another, you are likely to have many career victories before the year is out! This month there will be three days to watch for terrific news to come in, as if on the wings of a bird.
First, circle October 3, when everything you do seems to turn to gold. Mars and Venus will be circling like two little love birds in your house of assignments, indicating that you are about to get some nice praise for the work you are doing. Someone is noticing, dear Gemini!
The next day to watch will be October 20, when Mars and Jupiter will be perfectly angled to create a big buzz about you. Again, a recent assignment or output of work (like a book, magazine article, speech - you get the idea) could bring you honors and possibly even an award. This is a fantastic day, so use it for big, important meetings! On that day, October 20, Jupiter will conjunct the moon, and Mars will send a lovely message to Jupiter. That is an ideal date, perfect for professional success!
During October 22-25, Mars and Uranus will work together to bring lightning-quick news of a very positive nature. Stay tuned!
Socially, the full moon on October 22 should be very special. It will be the second one in a row in Aries, to light your eleventh house of community (real life or on line) and also rules friendships. Something is coming to fullness, and this full moon should bring a lovely event.
Having two full moons in the same sign in a row is unusual, indicating this is a growing area of importance to you. Last month you had a full moon on September 23, so you may have been with a large group of people within four days of that date too, especially if your birthday falls in May.
This time the moon falls at 29 degrees, the degree of completion, and those Gemini who were born late in their sign (say, within five days of June 20) will benefit the most. Give any full moon, this one included, a plus or minus of four days of influence. Neptune will be beautifully oriented toward this full moon, adding romance and beauty to the experience you will have.
If you were born on June 19 or within four days of this date, you will benefit most from this gorgeous full moon.
October 26, falling well within the five days of the full moon of October 22, should also be an exciting day, for the Sun and Pluto will be in perfect sync. Again an influential friend will come to your side and show how much he or she believes in you, and how far he or she will go out on a limb for you. This is a heartwarming moment, so enjoy it, dear Gemini.
Are you invited to a Halloween party? If it falls on Saturday, October 30, it will be much more fun for you, as the moon will be in super-creative Leo.
When it comes to your career, October through mid-June could work out to be a dream. Prioritize your time - your efforts to get ahead professionally should get your first attention, for rarely have you had such strong planetary support. This will be the only time in your life that you will have Jupiter and Uranus together in your house of honors and fame, a situation that will last from now to January 22, 2011.
Attention and applause for work well done could come suddenly and from unexpected sources, much to your delight. If nothing much has been happening in your career (hard to believe, but if so…) catch your breath and hold on to your hat, because it will, soon!
Creatively, you have all the support you need from a loving universe as well. If you are artistic, or suspect you may be, this is the month to devote to your craft or to shape your ideas. You can putter with a present project or sign up for lessons to develop a new skill. With Saturn in your fifth house, you will be highly disciplined about staying with your assignment and quite willing to work through any creative problem, should one come up.
Scientists say creative breakthroughs occur every 90 minutes, but we never know at what point in the cycle we will be entering. For that reason, it's necessary to work at least that long, with uninterrupted focus. If you do this all month, you'll be proud - and possibly amazed - at what you turn out.
Fitness and health will be a big theme, too. Try a new class at the gym, hirer a trainer or coach, or take up power walking or running. You can see enormous progress now. It's also the time to schedule medical exams and checkups.
You will be meditating about your romantic life too this month, just after the new moon, October 7. With four planets acting like fairy godmothers anxious to get you coupled up, if you've not dating, you may be by time the month is out. Your down-to-business determination in regard to streamlining your love life (thanks to the influence of Saturn) could now work to your advantage. The new moon October 7, conjunct Saturn, could help you find and create a strong, fulfilling, deep, and enduring relationship.
A wee bit earlier than the new moon, on Sunday, October 3, Venus and Mars will join forces, a rare event. Although not quite as powerful as a new moon, it's still an important day to watch. You may meet someone new and very intriguing at work (a co-worker or outside consultant, but not a boss) or at a sporting event, as spectator (a football game, for example) or participant (say, at the gym). As odd as these situations may seem to you, they should be fortunate, but they are not the only places to consider. Look your best and circulate.
You've got a gold-star evening coming up within four days of the full moon October 22, plus four days, so start getting ready! This could turn out to be an incredibly beautiful evening that could bring a social event so special you'll replay the memory of it your mind again and again, like a favorite song. This full moon will have you rubbing shoulders with many people, some of whom you'll likely know but many of whom you won't. This leaves the possibility of making an important new friend, and possibly a love interest, so be sure to go if invited.
Your career will be on fire this month, too. A source of income may show up or change on October 12 due to the Sun moving over a mathematical degree of the eclipse of last July 11.
October 20 should be fantastically exciting too, for Mars will reach out to Jupiter in your house of fame, and you may get a shot of publicity or a wonderful offer that proves to be quite prestigious.
More happy career surprises are due over October 22-25 - news will come out of the blue and light you up brilliantly! Apparently you will have that certain something that everyone is clamoring to get - expertise, goods, or services. This is not the month to hide in your apartment!
A parting thought - the moon will be in fire sign Leo on Saturday, October 30, with Halloween the very next day. This is a theatrical sign, so the competition for best costume will be very stiff! Start getting ready early! It should be a fun if you get invited to a party.
Dates to Note
Your career is in a beautiful phase, so give it your all from now until January 22, while Jupiter remains in your house of fame and honors.
Creativity will be strong now and through the rest of the fall. Make room for experimentation, for it looks like you are onto something.
With a packed sixth house of friendly planets, you will have a rare chance to reach to a new level of fitness goals. Treat yourself to lessons to a new sport or a package of training sessions. Mars will give you energy and determination to succeed. Athletes should begin training for a new competition.
Attend to all the medical checkups you've pushed out of your mind for lack of time - dental, eyes, blood pressure, mammogram, prostate exam - you know the drill. With four planets in your medical sector, you'll have all the kind support you need for a good experience.
Single? You seem to have crafted a new list of criteria for your ideal romantic interest. At the new moon October 7, you'll get practical and start to work on your social life with a sense of dedication.
Lie low on October 2 when Mercury, your ruler, will be in dispute with Uranus. Unexpected news won't be welcome. Don't make any agreements on this day, whether written or verbal.
October 3 is due to be a banner day for love. You won't find Cupid at a party, but rather at work or even more incredibly, at the gym or a spectator sport.
The full moon October 22 will find you surrounded with many happy people. You may be at a wedding, baseball game, theme park, convention, party or benefit, community block party, or other event - it'll be fun!
On Sunday, October 24, you may meet someone, quite unexpectedly, who can help you get ahead at work. Give this day a plus or minus one day.
When Mars moves into your committed partnership sector October 28, you will begin to focus on partnerships more intently, all the way until December 7, 2010.
Most romantic dates, acknowledging that Venus will be retrograde October 8-November 18, making all matters of fun and love weaker than usual:
October 3 (superb), 7, 11, 15, 16, 20-24, 26, 29, 30, and 31.


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