Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reading in Bed - SUE GEE

'People say that life is the thing,but I prefer reading.'

Friends since university,with busy working lives behind them,Dido and Georgia have long been looking forward to books and outings,conversation and carefree days. Alas: life is rarely as one wishes it to be.Dido, for the first time,has cause to question her marriage; widowed Georgia is certain her husband will return to her. Meanwhile an eccentric country cousin goes wildly off the rails,children are unhappy in love,and a perfect health is all at once in question. With so much at stake,even this old friendship comes under strain. As hatches are battened down, it takes all their loyalty and humor to recover easy,confiding intimacy of the past.

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Brenda said...

Just found your blog and I am now following you, I hope you will drop by and return the favor, Have an awesome week!